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Series Circuits Objective Questions and Answers

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. When one of three series resistors is removed from a circuit and the circuit is reconnected, the current
    (A) Increases
    (B) Increases by one-third
    (C) Decreases by one-third
    (D) Decreases by the amount of current through the removed resistor

2. A string of five series resistors is connected across a 6 V battery. Zero voltage is measured across all resistors except R3. The voltage across R3 is
    (A) 0 V
    (B) 1.2 V
    (C) 6 V
    (D) 0.6 V

3. When a fourth resistor is connected in series with three resistors, the total resistance
    (A) Increases by one-fourth
    (B) Increases
    (C) Decreases
    (D) Remains the same

4. Five resistors are connected in a series and there is a current of 3 A into the first resistor. The amount of current into the second resistor is
    (A) 3 A
    (B) 1 A
    (C) 4 A
    (D) 0.3 A

5. A short in a series circuit prevents current.
    (A) True
    (B) False

6. Two 1.5 V cells are connected series opposing across two 100 Ω resistors in series. Total current flow is
    (A) 15 mA
    (B) 5 mA
    (C) 2 mA
    (D) 0 A

7. Three 680 Ω resistors are connected in series with a 470 V source. Current in the circuit is
    (A) 69 mA
    (B) 230 mA
    (C) 23 mA
    (D) 690 mA

8. A series circuit acts as a voltage divider.
    (A) True
    (B) False

9. Which of the following series combinations dissipates the most power when connected across a 120 V source?
    (A) One 220 Ω resistor
    (B) Two 220 Ω resistors
    (C) Three 220 Ω resistors
    (D) Four 220 Ω resistors

10. A series circuit has a 24 V source and a total resistance of 120 Ω. The current through each resistor is
    (A) 24 mA
    (B) 200 mA
    (C) 120 mA
    (D) 20 mA

11. A series circuit acts as a current divider.
    (A) True
    (B) False

12. A series circuit consists of three resistors with values of 120 Ω, 270 Ω, and 330 Ω. The total resistance is
    (A) Less than 120 Ω
    (B) The average of the values
    (C) 720 Ω
    (D) 120 Ω

13. The following resistors (one each) are connected in a series circuit: 470 Ω, 680 Ω, 1 kΩ, and 1.2 kΩ. The voltage source is 20 V. Current through the 680 Ω resistor is approximately
    (A) 60 mA
    (B) 30 mA
    (C) 6 mA
    (D) 300 mA

14. If a 6 V and a 9 V source are connected series aiding, the total voltage is
    (A) 6 V
    (B) 9 V
    (C) 3 V
    (D) 15 V

15. Four equal-value resistors are in series with a 12 V battery and 13.63 mA are measured. The value of each resistor is
    (A) 22 Ω
    (B) 220 Ω
    (C) 880 Ω
    (D) 88 Ω

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