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Passive Filters MCQ Practice Test - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. In a series resonant band-pass filter, a lower value of Q results in
    (A) A higher resonant frequency
    (B) A smaller bandwidth
    (C) A higher impedance
    (D) A larger bandwidth

2. The same signal in Problem 2 is applied to an RC high-pass filter. If the reactance is zero at the input frequency, the output voltage is
    (A) 18 V peak-to-peak
    (B) Zero
    (C) 9 V peak-to-peak
    (D) 12.73 V peak-to-peak

3. Vout = 500 mV, and Vin = 1.3 V. The ratio VoutVin expressed in dB is
    (A) 0 dB
    (B) 8.30 dB
    (C) -8.30 dB
    (D) 0.8 dB

4. An RC high-pass filter consists of an 820 Ω resistor. What is the value of C so that Xc is ten times less than Rat an input frequency of 12 kHz?
    (A) 81 μF
    (B) 161 μF
    (C) 0.161 μF
    (D) 220 μF

5. A band-pass filter rejects all frequencies within a band between a lower and an upper critical frequency and passes all others.
    (A) True
    (B) False

6. A series resonant band-pass filter consists of a 2 mH coil, a 0.005 μF capacitor, and a 120 Ω resistor. The winding resistance of the coil is 12 Ω. The output voltage is taken off the resistor. Input voltage is 12 Vrms. What is the output voltage magnitude at the center frequency (f0)?
    (A) 10.9 V
    (B) 1.09 V
    (C) 1.1 V
    (D) 12 V

7. A parallel resonant band-pass filter consists of a 90 Ω resistor in series with a parallel network made up of a 60 mH coil and a 0.02 μF capacitor. The output is taken across the capacitor/coil. The coil winding has a resistance of 20 Ω. What is the center frequency of the filter?
    (A) 459 Hz
    (B) 4,591 Hz
    (C) 999 Hz
    (D) 2,176 Hz

8. In an RC high-pass filter, the output is taken across the resistor and the output leads the input.
    (A) True
    (B) False

9. In a certain parallel resonant band-pass filter, the resonant frequency is 14 kHz. If the bandwidth is 4 kHz, the lower frequency is
    (A) 7 kHz
    (B) 10 kHz
    (C) 12 kHz
    (D) Cannot be determined

10. An RC low-pass filter consists of a 120 Ω resistor and a 0.002 μF capacitor. The output is taken across the capacitor. The circuit's critical frequency is
    (A) 333 kHz
    (B) 633 kHz
    (C) 331 kHz
    (D) 60 kHz

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