Mechanical Operations MCQ Online Practice Tests - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Mechanical Operations MCQ Online Practice Tests - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. In case of a hammer crusher, the
    (A) Feed may be highly abrasive (Moh's scale > 5)
    (B) Minimum product size is 3 mm
    (C) Maximum feed size may be 50 mm
    (D) Rotor shaft carrying hammers can be vertical or horizontal

2. A gravity decanter is meant for the separation of two __________ density.
    (A) Immiscible liquids of different
    (B) Miscible liquids of different
    (C) Immiscible liquids of same
    (D) Miscible liquids of same

3. Which of the following is not used as filter aid?
    (A) Asbestos
    (B) Diatomaceous earth
    (C) Purified wood cellulose
    (D) Rice husk

4. To get a fine talc powder from its granules, the equipment used is
    (A) Roller crusher
    (B) Ball mill
    (C) Jaw crusher
    (D) Gyratory crusher

5. Which of the following mechanical conveyors does not come under the division ‘carriers’?
    (A) Belt conveyor
    (B) Bucket elevator
    (C) Screw conveyor
    (D) Apron conveyor

6. As per Taggart's formula, the capacity (kg/hr) of Jaw & Gyratory crushers (for gapes of 10 to 60 cms) is equal to (where, L = Length of feed opening, cms S = Maximum width of discharge opening, cms).
    (A) LS
    (B) 93 LS
    (C) 250 LS
    (D) √(LS)

7. Particle size range in which dust catcher (gravity settling chamber) works most effectively and efficiently is __________ microns.
    (A) < 5
    (B) 10 to 25
    (C) < 74
    (D) > 1000

8. With increase in the capacity of screens, the screen effectiveness
    (A) Remains unchanged
    (B) Increases
    (C) Decreases
    (D) Decreases exponentially

9. Height of liquid in agitation tank is normally maintained equal to the tank diameter. However, if the tank is too tall and a large liquid hold up is desired, then two or more impellers mounted on the same shaft may be used. The clearance between the tank bottom and the bottom most impeller should be about (where, D = impeller diameter)
    (A) 0.5 D
    (B) D
    (C) 1.5 D
    (D) 2 D

10. Filtration of water in a paper mill is done by a/an __________ filter.
    (A) Open sand
    (B) Plate and frame
    (C) Vacuum leaf
    (D) Sparkler

11. Angle of nip of the crushing rolls does not depend upon the
    (A) Diameter of the rolls
    (B) Speed of the rolls
    (C) Product size
    (D) Feed size

12. Reciprocal of sphericity is termed as the
    (A) Specific surface ratio
    (B) Shape factor
    (C) Sauter diameter
    (D) Surface area per unit mass

13. Which of the following grinding mills has the horizontally arranged rods as the grinding elements thereby delivering more uniform granular products with minimum fines?
    (A) Compartment mill
    (B) Rod mill
    (C) Pebble mill
    (D) Tube mill

14. As particle size is reduced
    (A) Screening becomes progressively more difficult
    (B) Screening becomes progressively easier
    (C) Capacity and effectiveness of the screen is increased
    (D) None of these

15. Flow of filtrate through the cake in a plate and frame filter press is best described by the __________ equation.
    (A) Kozeny-Carman
    (B) Hagen-Poiseuille’s
    (C) Fanning's
    (D) Kremser

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