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Nuclear Power Engineering Objective Type Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Fission of U-235 on slow neutron bombardment can be represented by
    (A) 92U235 + 3 γ1 → 56Ba143 + 36Kr90
    (B) 92U235 + 0n1 → 56Ba143 + 36Kr90 + 3 0n1
    (C) 92U235 + 0n1 → 56Ba143 + 36Kr90 + 3 0n1 + Q (energy)
    (D) 92U235 + 0n1 → 92U236 + 30n1+ Q (energy)

2. 'Heavy water' is termed as 'heavy' because it is
    (A) Denser than water
    (B) An oxide of deuterium
    (C) A heavy liquid
    (D) An oxide of heavier isotope of oxygen

3. Ceramic nuclear metals compared to solid nuclear metals have
    (A) Higher melting points
    (B) Low strength at high temperature
    (C) More chances of radiation damage
    (D) Poorer corrosion resistance

4. Coolant present in the primary circuit of a pressurized water reactor is high pressure
    (A) Sub cooled water
    (B) Saturated water
    (C) Superheated steam
    (D) Saturated steam

5. The time required for half of the __________ of a radioactive isotope to decay is called its half life.
    (A) Nuclei
    (B) Electrons
    (C) Protons
    (D) Neutrons

6. The type of pump used for the recirculation of molten sodium coolant in liquid metal cooled reactor is a/an __________ pump.
    (A) Electromagnetic
    (B) Reciprocating
    (C) Centrifugal
    (D) Volute

7. Which of the following is the best nuclear fuel?
    (A) Np-239
    (B) U-234
    (C) Pu-239
    (D) Th-236

8. The specific heats of three gaseous coolants namely H2, He and CO2 in the increasing order are
    (A) CO2, He, H2
    (B) CO2, H2, He
    (C) H2, He, CO2
    (D) H2, CO2, He

9. Which one is different for the neutral atoms of the isotopes of an element?
    (A) Atomic weights
    (B) Atomic numbers
    (C) Number of protons
    (D) Number of electrons

10. The number of neutrons accompanying the formation of 54Xe139 and 38Sr94 from the absorption of a slow neutron by 92U235, followed by nuclear fission is
    (A) 1
    (B) 2
    (C) 3
    (D) 4

11. Which of the following is not a naturally occurring nuclear fuel?
    (A) Uranium-238
    (B) Thorium-233
    (C) Plutonium-239
    (D) None of these

12. An ideal coolant for a nuclear reactor should
    (A) Be a good absorber of neutrons
    (B) Be capable of attaining high temperature, only when it is pressurized
    (C) Have high density, but low heat transfer co-efficient
    (D) Be free from radiation damage and non-corrosive

13. Safety rods provided in nuclear reactors to guard against accidents, in case of earthquake are made of
    (A) High carbon steel
    (B) Molybdenum
    (C) Zircaloy
    (D) Boron or cadmium

14. Heavy water is preferred over ordinary water as a coolant, because it.
    (A) Acts both as an efficient coolant as well as a moderator
    (B) Can be heated to a higher temperature without pressurizing
    (C) Is less prone to radiation damage
    (D) All (a), (b) and (c)

15. Percentage of U-238 in natural uranium is around
    (A) 0.71
    (B) 99.29
    (C) 0.015
    (D) 29.71

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