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Electric Traction Objective Questions and Answers

Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. For diesel locomotives the range of horsepower is
    (A) 50 to 200
    (B) 500 to 1000
    (C) 1500 to 2500
    (D) 3000 to 5000

2. The overall efficiency of steam locomotive is around
    (A) 5 to 10 percent
    (B) 15 to 20 percent
    (C) 25 to 35 percent
    (D) 35 to 45 percent

3. Which of the following drives is suitable for mines where explosive gas exists?
    (A) Steam engine
    (B) Diesel engine
    (C) Battery locomotive
    (D) Any of the above

4. The efficiency of diesel locomotives is nearly
    (A) 20 to 25 percent
    (B) 30 to 40 percent
    (C) 45 to 55 percent
    (D) 60 to 70 percent

5. Which of the following state capitals (in India) is not on broad gauge track?
    (A) Lucknow
    (B) Bhopal
    (C) Jaipur
    (D) Chandigarh

6. Tractive effort is required to
    (A) Overcome the gravity component of train mass
    (B) Overcome friction, windage and curve resistance
    (C) Accelerate the train mass
    (D) Do all of the above

7. Quadrilateral speed-time curve pertains to which of the following services?
    (A) Main line service
    (B) Urban service
    (C) Suburban service
    (D) Urban and suburban service

8. Speed-time curve of main line service differs from those of urban and suburban services on following account
    (A) It has longer free running period
    (B) It has longer coasting period
    (C) Accelerating and braking periods are comparatively smaller
    (D) All of the above

9. The value of coefficient of adhesion will be high when rails are
    (A) Greased
    (B) Wet
    (C) Sprayed with oil
    (D) Cleaned with sand

10. The voltage used for suburban trains in D.C. system is usually
    (A) 12 V
    (B) 24 V
    (C) 220 V
    (D) 600 to 750 V

11. An ideal traction system should have
    (A) Easy speed control
    (B) High starting tractive effort
    (C) Equipment capable of withstanding large temporary loads
    (D) All of the above

12. ________ have maximum unbalanced forces
    (A) Diesel saunters
    (B) Steam locomotives
    (C) Electric locomotives
    (D) Diesel locomotives

13. _________ frequency is not common in low frequency traction system
    (A) 40 Hz
    (B) 25 Hz
    (C) 16 Hz
    (D) None of these

14. For 25 kV single phase system power supply frequency is
    (A) 60 Hz
    (B) 50 Hz
    (C) 25 Hz
    (D) 16 Hz

15. In case of a steam engine an average coal consumption per km is nearly
    (A) 150 to 175 kg
    (B) 100 to 120 kg
    (C) 60 to 80 kg
    (D) 28 to 30 kg

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