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Objective Questions in Parallel Circuits - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Three lights are connected in parallel across a 120 volt source. If one light burns out,
    (A) The remaining two will glow dimmer
    (B) The remaining two will glow brighter
    (C) The remaining two will not light
    (D) The remaining two will glow with the same brightness as before

2. Five 100 Ω resistors are connected in parallel. If one resistor is removed, the total resistance is
    (A) 25 Ω
    (B) 500 Ω
    (C) 100 Ω
    (D) 20 Ω

3. There is a total of 800 mA of current into four parallel resistors. The currents through three of the resistors are 40 mA, 70 mA, and 200 mA. The current through the fourth resistor is
    (A) 490 mA
    (B) 800 mA
    (C) 310 mA
    (D) 0 A

4. In a five-branch parallel circuit, there are 12 mA of current in each branch. If one of the branches opens, the current in each of the other four branches is
    (A) 48 mA
    (B) 12 mA
    (C) 0 A
    (D) 3 mA

5. A set of Christmas tree lights is connected in parallel across a 110 V source. The filament of each light bulb is 1.8 kΩ. The current through each bulb is approximately
    (A) 610 mA
    (B) 18 mA
    (C) 110 mA
    (D) 61 mA

6. Four resistors of equal value are connected in parallel. If the total voltage is 15 V and the total resistance is 600 Ω, the current through each parallel resistor is
    (A) 25 mA
    (B) 100 mA
    (C) 6.25 mA
    (D) 200 mA

7. A sudden increase in the total current into a parallel circuit may indicate
    (A) A drop in source voltage
    (B) An open resistor
    (C) An increase in source voltage
    (D) Either a drop in source voltage or an open resistor

8. Four resistors are connected in parallel. Fifteen mA flows through resistor R. If the second resistor is 2R, the third resistor 3R, and the fourth resistor 4R, the total current in the circuit is
    (A) 60 mA
    (B) 15 mA
    (C) 135 mA
    (D) 31.25 mA

9. Four 8 Ω speakers are connected in parallel to the output of an audio amplifier. If the maximum voltage to the speakers is 12 V, the amplifier must be able to deliver to the speakers
    (A) 18 W
    (B) 1.5 W
    (C) 48 W
    (D) 72 W

10. When a 1.6 kΩ resistor and a 120 Ω resistor are connected in parallel, the total resistance is
    (A) Greater than 1.6 kΩ
    (B) Greater than 120 Ω but less than 1.6 kΩ
    (C) Less than 120 Ω but greater than 100 Ω
    (D) Less than 100 Ω

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