Objective Test on Electrical Control Systems - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Objective Test on Electrical Control Systems - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. A control system working under unknown random actions is called
    (A) Computer control system
    (B) Digital data system
    (C) Stochastic control system
    (D) Adaptive control system

2. By which of the following the control action is determined when a man walks along a path?
    (A) Brain
    (B) Hands
    (C) Legs
    (D) Eyes

3. As a result of introduction of negative feedback which of the following will not decrease?
    (A) Band width
    (B) Overall gain
    (C) Distortion
    (D) Instability

4. In a control system the output of the controller is given to
    (A) Final control element
    (B) Amplifier
    (C) Comparator
    (D) Sensor

5. A signal other than the reference input that tends to affect the value of controlled variable is known as
    (A) Disturbance
    (B) Command
    (C) Control element
    (D) Reference input

6. In a system low friction coefficient facilitates
    (A) Reduced velocity lag error
    (B) Increased velocity lag error
    (C) Increased speed of response
    (D) Reduced time constant of the system

7. The type-2 system has ________ at the origin.
    (A) No net pole
    (B) Net pole
    (C) Simple pole
    (D) Two poles

8. Addition of zeros in transfer function causes which of the following?
    (A) Lead-compensation
    (B) Lag-compensation
    (C) Lead-lag compensation
    (D) None of the above

9. In pneumatic control systems the control valve used as final control element converts
    (A) Pressure signal to electric signal
    (B) Pressure signal to position change
    (C) Electric signal to pressure signal
    (D) Position change to pressure signal

10. When the initial conditions of a system are specified to be zero it implies that the system is
    (A) At rest without any energy stored in it
    (B) Working normally with reference input
    (C) Working normally with zero reference input
    (D) At rest but stores energy

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