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Heating and Welding Objective Type Questions

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. For the transmission of heat from one body to another
    (A) Temperature of the two bodies must be different
    (B) Both bodies must be solids
    (C) Both bodies must be in contact
    (D) At least one of the bodies must have some source of heating

2. The process of heat transfer during the re-entry of satellites and missiles, at very high speeds, into earth’s atmosphere is known as
    (A) Ablation
    (B) Radiation
    (C) Viscous dissipation
    (D) Irradiation

3. By the use of which of the following, high frequency power supply for induction furnaces can be obtained?
    (A) Coreless transformers
    (B) Current transformers
    (C) Motor-generator set
    (D) Multiphase transformer

4. Induction heating takes place in which of the following?
    (A) Insulating materials
    (B) Conducting materials which are magnetic
    (C) Conducting materials which are nonmagnetic
    (D) Conducting materials which may or may not be magnetic

5. In resistance heating highest working temperature is obtained from heating elements made of
    (A) Nickel copper
    (B) Nichrome
    (C) Silicon carbide
    (D) Silver

6. It is desirable to operate the arc furnaces at power factor of
    (A) Zero
    (B) 0.707 lagging
    (C) Unity
    (D) 0.707 leading

7. In an electric room heat convector the method of heating used is Resistance heating
    (A) True
    (B) False

8. Hysteresis loss and eddy current loss are used in
    (A) Induction heating of steel
    (B) Dielectric heating
    (C) Induction heating of brass
    (D) Resistance heating

9. Method has leading power factor
    (A) Resistance heating
    (B) Dielectric heating
    (C) Arc heating
    (D) Induction heating

10. ________ is used for heating non-conducting materials.
    (A) Eddy current heating
    (B) Arc heating
    (C) Induction heating
    (D) Dielectric heating

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