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Electrical Parallel Circuits Objective Type Questions

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. The total resistance of a parallel circuit is 50 Ω. If the total current is 120 mA, the current through the 270 Ω resistor that makes up part of the parallel circuit is approximately
    (A) 22 mA
    (B) 120 mA
    (C) 220 mA
    (D) 50 mA

2. When an open circuit occurs in a parallel branch, the total resistance decreases.
    (A) True
    (B) False

3. The currents into a junction flow along two paths. One current is 4 A and the other is 3 A. The total current out of the junction is
    (A) 1 A
    (B) 7 A
    (C) Unknown
    (D) The larger of the two

4. If there are a total of 120 mA into a parallel circuit consisting of three branches, and two of the branch currents are 40 mA and 10 mA, the third branch current is
    (A) 50 mA
    (B) 70 mA
    (C) 120 mA
    (D) 40 mA

5. A parallel circuit acts as a current divider.
    (A) True
    (B) False

6. Four equal-value resistors are connected in parallel. Ten volts are applied across the parallel circuit and 2 mA are measured from the source. The value of each resistor is
    (A) 12.5 Ω
    (B) 200 Ω
    (C) 20 KΩ
    (D) 50 Ω

7. The power dissipation in each of four parallel branches is 1.2 W. The total power dissipation is
    (A) 1.2 W
    (B) 4.8 W
    (C) 0.3 W
    (D) 12 W

8. The total resistance for two resistors in parallel is equal to the sum of the two resistors.
    (A) True
    (B) False

9. Five light bulbs are connected in parallel across 110 V. Each bulb is rated at 200 W. The current through each bulb is approximately
    (A) 2.2 A
    (B) 137 mA
    (C) 1.8 A
    (D) 9.09 A

10. In a certain three-branch parallel circuit, R1 has 12 mA through it, R2 has 15 mA through it, and R3 has 25 mA through it. After measuring a total of 27 mA, you can say that
    (A) R3 is open
    (B) R1 is open
    (C) R2 is open
    (D) The circuit is operating properly

11. Addition of resistors in parallel increases total resistance and decreases total current.
    (A) True
    (B) False

12. The following resistors are in parallel across a voltage source: 220 Ω, 470 Ω, and 560 Ω. The resistor with the least current is
    (A) 220 Ω
    (B) 470 Ω
    (C) 560 Ω
    (D) Impossible to determine without knowing the voltage

13. The number of current paths equals the number of resistors in parallel.
    (A) True
    (B) False

14. Three 47 Ω resistors are connected in parallel across a 110 volt source. The current drawn from the source is approximately
    (A) 2.3 A
    (B) 780 mA
    (C) 47 mA
    (D) 7.06 A

15. Six resistors are in parallel. The two lowest-value resistors are both 1.2 kΩ. The total resistance
    (A) Is less than 6 kΩ
    (B) Is greater than 1.2 kΩ
    (C) Is less than 1.2 kΩ
    (D) Is less than 600 Ω

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