Electrical Control System MCQs - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Electrical Control System MCQs - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. If the gain of the critical damped system is increased it will behave as
    (A) Oscillatory
    (B) Critically damped
    (C) Over-damped
    (D) Under-damped

2. The capacitance, in force-current analogy, is analogous to
    (A) Momentum
    (B) Velocity
    (C) Displacement
    (D) Mass

3. The transient response, with feedback system,
    (A) Rises slowly
    (B) Rises quickly
    (C) Decays slowly
    (D) Decays quickly

4. ________ is an open loop control system.
    (A) Ward Leonard control
    (B) Field controlled D.C. motor
    (C) Stroboscope
    (D) Metadyne

5. Is a part of the human temperature control system?
    (A) Digestive system
    (B) Perspiration system
    (C) Ear
    (D) Leg movement

6. The initial response when the output is not equal to input is called
    (A) Transient response
    (B) Error response
    (C) Dynamic response
    (D) Either of the above

7. A control system in which the control action is somehow dependent on the output is known as
    (A) Closed loop system
    (B) Semi-closed loop system
    (C) Open system
    (D) None of the above

8. Which of the following statements is correct for any closed loop system?
    (A) All the coefficients can have zero value
    (B) All the coefficients are always nonzero
    (C) Only one of the static error coefficients has a finite nonzero value
    (D) None of the above

9. Mass, in force-voltage analogy, is analogous to
    (A) Charge
    (B) Current
    (C) Inductance
    (D) Resistance

10. An increase in gain, in most systems, leads to
    (A) Smaller damping ratio
    (B) Larger damping ratio
    (C) Constant damping ratio
    (D) None of the above

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