Electrical Transformers Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - Set 15 - ObjectiveBooks

Electrical Transformers Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - Set 15

Practice Test: Question Set - 15

1. The transformer laminations are insulated from each other by
    (A) Mica strip
    (B) Thin coat of varnish
    (C) Paper
    (D) Any of the above

2. Which of the following does not change in an ordinary transformer?
    (A) Frequency
    (B) Voltage
    (C) Current
    (D) Any of the above

3. In a transformer the tapings are generally provided on
    (A) Primary side
    (B) Secondary side
    (C) Low voltage side
    (D) High voltage side

4. The value of flux involved m the e.m.f. equation of a transformer is
    (A) Average value
    (B) r.m.s. value
    (C) Maximum value
    (D) Instantaneous value

5. The dielectric strength of transformer oil is expected to be
    (A) 1 kV
    (B) 33 kV
    (C) 100 kV
    (D) 330 kV

6. Transformer breaths in when
    (A) Load on it increases
    (B) Load on it decreases
    (C) Load remains constant
    (D) None of the above

7. Which of the following is not a part of transformer installation?
    (A) Conservator
    (B) Breather
    (C) Buchholz relay
    (D) Exciter

8. When secondary of a current transformer is open-circuited its iron core will be
    (A) Hot because of heavy iron losses taking place in it due to high flux density
    (B) Hot because primary will carry heavy current
    (C) Cool as there is no secondary current
    (D) None of above will happen

9. Which of the following protection is normally not provided on small distribution transformers?
    (A) Over-fluxing protection
    (B) Buchholz relay
    (C) Over-current protection
    (D) All of the above

10. The hum in a transformer is mainly attributed to
    (A) Load changes
    (B) Oil in the transformer
    (C) Magnetostriction
    (D) Mechanical vibrations

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