MCQ in Control System - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

MCQ in Control System - Set 06

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. In electrical-pneumatic system analogy the current is considered analogous to
    (A) Velocity
    (B) Pressure
    (C) Air flow
    (D) Air flow rate

2. Signal will become zero when the feedback signal and reference signs are equal.
    (A) Input
    (B) Actuating
    (C) Feedback
    (D) Reference

3. With feedback _______ increases.
    (A) System stability
    (B) Sensitivity
    (C) Gain
    (D) Effects of disturbing signals

4. Velocity error constant of a system is measured when the input to the system is unit ________ function.
    (A) Parabolic
    (B) Ramp
    (C) Impulse
    (D) Step

5. Which of the following can be measured by the use of a tachogenerator?
    (A) Acceleration
    (B) Speed
    (C) Speed and acceleration
    (D) Displacement

6. A differentiator is usually not a part of a control system because it
    (A) Reduces damping
    (B) Reduces the gain margin
    (C) Increases input noise
    (D) Increases error

7. Which of the following is an open loop control system?
    (A) Field controlled D.C. motor
    (B) Ward Leonard control
    (C) Metadyne
    (D) Stroboscope

8. ________ Increases the steady state accuracy.
    (A) Integrator
    (B) Differentiator
    (C) Phase lead compensator
    (D) Phase lag compensator

9. In a stable control system backlash can cause which of the following?
    (A) Under-damping
    (B) Over-damping
    (C) Poor stability at reduced values of open loop gain
    (D) Low-level oscillations

10. The transient response of a system is mainly due to
    (A) Inertia forces
    (B) Internal forces
    (C) Stored energy
    (D) Friction

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