Electrolysis and Storage of Batteries Quiz Questions - Set 05 - ObjectiveBooks

Electrolysis and Storage of Batteries Quiz Questions - Set 05

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. Sulphated cells are indicated by
    (A) The loss of capacity of the cell
    (B) The decrease of the specific gravity
    (C) The low voltage of the cell on discharge
    (D) All above conditions

2. Excessive charging a battery tends to
    (A) Produce gassing
    (B) Increase the internal resistance of the battery
    (C) To corrode the positive plates into lead peroxide thereby weakening them physically
    (D) Bring about all above changes

3. Specific gravity of electrolyte in Edison cell is
    (A) 0.8
    (B) 0.95
    (C) 1.1
    (D) 1.21

4. In a battery cover is placed over the element and sealed to the top of the battery container. This is done
    (A) To reduce evaporation of water from electrolyte
    (B) To exclude dirt and foreign matter from the electrolyte
    (C) To discharge both of the above functions
    (D) To discharge none of the above functions

5. The common impurity in the electrolyte of lead-acid battery is
    (A) Chlorine
    (B) Dust particles
    (C) Lead crystals
    (D) Iron

6. A constant-voltage generator has
    (A) Minimum efficiency
    (B) Minimum current capacity
    (C) Low internal resistance
    (D) High internal resistance

7. During the charging of a lead-acid cell
    (A) Its voltage increases
    (B) It gives out energy
    (C) Its cathode becomes dark chocolate brown in color
    (D) Specific gravity of H2SO4 decreases

8. Cells are connected in series in order to
    (A) Increase the voltage rating
    (B) Increase the current rating
    (C) Increase the life of the cells
    (D) None of the above

9. The watt-hour efficiency of a lead-acid cell varies between
    (A) 25 to 35%
    (B) 40 to 60%
    (C) 70 to 80%
    (D) 90 to 95%

10. Life of the Edison cell is at least
    (A) Five years
    (B) Seven years
    (C) Eight years
    (D) Ten years

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