Electrostatics Practice Online for MCQ Exams - Set 08 - ObjectiveBooks

Electrostatics Practice Online for MCQ Exams - Set 08

Practice Test: Question Set - 08

1. Which of the following material has least value of dielectric constant?
    (A) Ceramics
    (B) Oil
    (C) Glass
    (D) Paper

2. The time constant and R-C circuit may also be defined as the time during which the charging current falls to _________ percent of its initial maximum value,
    (A) 37
    (B) 42
    (C) 63
    (D) 73

3. A capacitor having capacitance of 5 uF is charged to a potential difference of 10,000 V. The energy stored in the capacitor is
    (A) 50 joules
    (B) 150 joules
    (C) 200 joules
    (D) 250 joules

4. A capacitor consists of
    (A) Two insulators separated by a conductor
    (B) Two conductors separated by an insulator
    (C) Two insulators only
    (D) Two conductors only

5. Three capacitors each of the capacity C are given. The resultant capacity 2/3 C can be obtained by using them
    (A) All in series
    (B) All in parallel
    (C) Two in parallel and third in series with this combination
    (D) Two in series and third in parallel across this combination

6. A capacitor stores 0.24 coulombs at 10 volts. Its capacitance is
    (A) 0.024 F
    (B) 0.12 F
    (C) 0.6 F
    (D) 0.8 F

7. The force between two charges is 120 N. If the distance between the charges is doubled, the force will be
    (A) 60 N
    (B) 30 N
    (C) 40 N
    (D) 15 N

8. Which of the following expression is correct for electric field strength?
    (A) E = D/E
    (B) E = D2/t
    (C) E = jtD
    (D) E= nD2

9. A capacitor charged to 200 V has 2000 iC of charge. The value of capacitance will be
    (A) 10 F
    (B) 10 uF
    (C) 100 uF
    (D) 1000 uF

10. The electrostatic force between two charges of one coulomb each and placed at a distance of 0.5 m will be
    (A) 36 × 10 N
    (B) 36 × 107 N
    (C) 36 × 108 N
    (D) 36 × 109 N

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