Concrete Technology Objective Type Questions and Answers - Set 18 - ObjectiveBooks

Concrete Technology Objective Type Questions and Answers - Set 18

Practice Test: Question Set - 18

1. In reinforced concrete footing on soil, the minimum thickness at edge should not be less than
    (A) 100 mm
    (B) 150 mm
    (C) 200 mm
    (D) 250 mm

2. For preparing a test-specimen, it is necessary
    (A) To mix cement and fine aggregate by dry hand
    (B) To mix coarse aggregates
    (C) To mix water to the cement, fine aggregates and coarse aggregates
    (D) All the above

3. For a good concrete
    (A) Aggregates should be hard and durable
    (B) Water should be free from organic materials
    (C) Cement should be sufficient to produce the required strength
    (D) All the above

4. The design yield stress of steel according to IS: 4561978 is:
    (Where fy is the characteristic yield strength of steel)
    (A) 0.37 fy
    (B) 0.57 fy
    (C) 0.67 fy
    (D) 0.87 fy

5. The process of hardening the concrete by keeping its surface moist is known
    (A) Placing
    (B) Wetting
    (C) Curing
    (D) Compacting

6. For the construction of the retaining structures, the type of concrete mix to be used, is
    (A) 1 : 3 : 6
    (B) 1 : 2 : 4
    (C) 1 : 1½ : 3
    (D) 1 : 4 : 8

7. The main reinforcement in the toe of a T-shaped R C. retaining wall is provided on
    (i) Top face parallel to the wall
    (ii) Top face perpendicular to the wall
    (iii) Bottom face parallel to the wall
    (iv) Bottom face perpendicular to the wall
    The correct answer is
    (A) Only (ii) is correct
    (B) (i) and (ii) are correct
    (C) (iii) and (iv) are correct
    (D) Only (iv) is correct

8. The produce impermeable concrete
    (A) Thorough mixing of concrete is required
    (B) Proper compaction of concrete is required
    (C) Proper curing of concrete is required
    (D) All the above

9. Pozzolanic properties exist in
    (A) Shales
    (B) Fly ash
    (C) Pumicite
    (D) All the above

10. A continuous beam is deemed to be a deep beam when the ratio of effective span to overall depth (1/D) is less than
    (A) 1.5
    (B) 2.0
    (C) 2.5
    (D) 3.0

11. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) The weight of ingredients of concrete mix, is taken in kilograms
    (B) Water and aggregates are measured in liters
    (C) 20 bags of cement make one tonne
    (D) All the above

12. If fineness modulus of sand is 2.5, it is graded as
    (A) Very fine sand
    (B) Fine sand
    (C) Medium sand
    (D) Coarse sand

13. Maximum quantity of water needed per 50 kg of cement for M 15 grade of concrete is
    (A) 28 liters
    (B) 30 liters
    (C) 32 liters
    (D) 34 liters

14. The increased cohesiveness of concrete, makes it
    (A) Less liable to segregation
    (B) More liable to segregation
    (C) More liable to bleeding
    (D) More liable for surface scaling in frosty weather

15. Concrete is unsuitable for compaction by a vibrator if it is
    (A) Dry
    (B) Earth moist
    (C) Semi-plastic
    (D) Plastic

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