Gears Multiple Choice Questions - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Gears Multiple Choice Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. The portion of the gear tooth between the pitch circle and outer circle is called
    (A) Top land 
    (B) Face 
    (C) Flank 
    (D) Bottom land

2. An automobile gearbox has
    (A) Simple gear train 
    (B) Compound gear train 
    (C) Epicyclic gear train 
    (D) None of the above 

3. When the velocity ratio is high and space is limited, use
    (A) Spur gears 
    (B) Bevel gears
    (C) Worm gears 
    (D) Helical gears

4. The angle through which a gear turns from the beginning of contact of a pair of teeth until the contact arrives at the pitch point is known as
    (A) Angle of contact
    (B) Angle of recess
    (C) Angle of approach
    (D) Angle of action

5. Compared with full depth teeth, stub tooth has
    (A) Short addendum and short dedendum
    (B) Long addendum and long dedendum
    (C) Same addendum and same dedendum
    (D) Short addendum and same dedendum

6. The gear tooth system that will transmit very high load is
    (A) 20° full depth involute
    (B) 20° full stub involute
    (C) 14.5° full depth involute
    (D) 14.5° stub involute

7. Lewis equation of gear tooth is based on
    (A) Maximum crushing stress in gear tooth
    (B) Maximum bending stress in gear tooth
    (C) Maximum shear stress in gear tooth
    (D) Maximum contact stress in gear tooth

8. Dynamic force on gear tooth depends upon
    (A) Pitch line velocity
    (B) Sum of errors between two meshing teeth
    (C) Modulus of elasticity of pinion and gear materials
    (D) All of the above

9. Surface endurance strength of gear tooth depends upon
    (A) Surface finish of gear tooth
    (B) Ultimate tensile strength of gear materials
    (C) Surface hardness of gear tooth
    (D) Modulus of elasticity of gear materials

10. When the axes of two shafts are parallel, use
    (A) Crossed helical gears 
    (B) Bevel gears
    (C) Worm gears 
    (D) Spur or helical gears

11. Cycloidal tooth gears are used in 
    (A) Automobile gearbox
    (B) Machine tool gearbox
    (C) Spring driven watches and clocks 
    (D) Materials handling equipment 

12. For transmitting power, a simple gear train consisting of 12 gears is used. Then the driver and driven shafts will be rotating in
    (A) Same direction 
    (B) Opposite direction 
    (C) Same or opposite direction 
    (D) None of the above 

13. The curves that satisfy fundamental law of gearing are,
    (A) Cycloid
    (B) Spiral
    (C) Involute
    (D) Both (A) and (C) above

14. A rack is a gear with,
    (A) Infinite number of teeth
    (B) Infinite module
    (C) Infinite circular pitch
    (D) None of the above

15. For 20° full depth involute tooth system, the minimum number of teeth on pinion for avoiding interference is
    (A) 20
    (B) 14
    (C) 17
    (D) 25

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