Chemical Process Automation Multiple Choice Questions - Set 18 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Process Automation Multiple Choice Questions - Set 18

Practice Test: Question Set - 18

1. Pure rectified spirit contains about __________ percent alcohol.
    (A) 45
    (B) 70
    (C) 95
    (D) 99.5

2. Which is the most suitable dye for synthetic fibres?
    (A) Acid dye
    (B) Azoic dye
    (C) Pigment dye
    (D) Mordant dye

3. The catalyst used in the manufacture of DDT (from chloral and chlorobenzene) is
    (A) Dilute H2SO4
    (B) Oleum
    (C) Ultraviolet light
    (D) None of these

4. Nickel is not used as a catalyst in the
    (A) Fischer-Tropsch process
    (B) Shift conversion
    (C) Hydrogenation of oil
    (D) Ostwald's process of HNO3 manufacture

5. Solvay process as compared to dual process (i.e. modified Solvay process).
    (A) Can use low grade brine
    (B) Has less corrosion problems
    (C) Involves higher investment in NH3 recovery units than that for crystallization units for NH4Cl
    (D) Both (b) and (c)

6. Hard water
    (A) Does not affect the lather formation by soap
    (B) Is not unfit for drinking purpose
    (C) Pollutes the water stream
    (D) All (a), (b) and (c)

7. Insulin is an __________ drug.
    (A) Anti-malarial
    (B) Anti-TB
    (C) Antibiotic
    (D) None of these

8. Pick out the wrong statement pertaining to the soap manufacture.
    (A) Transparent soaps are made by cold process
    (B) Organic pigments are used as coloring materials in the soap manufacture
    (C) Both laundry as well as toilet soaps are manufactured by hot process
    (D) Colorless rosin is used in the manufacture of laundry soaps

9. Molasses is the starting material for the production of
    (A) Alcohol
    (B) Essential oil
    (C) Fatty acids
    (D) Massecuite

10. Zeolite removes both temporary as well as permanent hardness of water by precipitating calcium and magnesium present in water as insoluble zeolites. Used zeolite is regenerated by flushing with the solution of
    (A) Calcium sulphate
    (B) Sodium chloride
    (C) Sodium sulphate
    (D) Magnesium chloride

11. Prussian blue is chemically represented by
    (A) FeO.TiO2
    (B) Ca SO4 . 2H2O
    (C) Fe4 [Fe (CN6)3]
    (D) AlF3 . 3NaF

12. Purity of oxygen used for blowing in steel making L.D. converter is 99.5%. The boiling point of oxygen is about __________ °C.
    (A) -53
    (B) -103
    (C) -183
    (D) -196

13. Pick out the wrong statement.
    (A) Azoic dyes are mostly applied on cotton fabrics
    (B) Basic dyes (e.g. amino derivatives) are applied mostly to paper
    (C) Mordant dyes are applied mainly to wools
    (D) None of these

14. Frasch process is for
    (A) Making oxygen
    (B) Producing helium
    (C) Mining sulphur
    (D) Making nitrogen

15. Metallic soap (e.g. aluminium or calcium salts of fatty acids) can be used
    (A) As a lubricant
    (B) As a rust preventive
    (C) In hard water for cleaning of cloth
    (D) As a foam depressant in distillation column

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