Chemical Process and Energy Engineering Questions Answers - Set 22 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Process and Energy Engineering Questions Answers - Set 22

Practice Test: Question Set - 22

1. Platinum is a versatile catalyst for many processes in chemical industries. It is highly prone to be poisoned by the presence of
    (A) Carbon
    (B) Arsenic
    (C) Lead
    (D) Sulphur

2. Producer gas consists mainly of
    (A) CO, CO2 N2, H2
    (B) CO, H2
    (C) H2, CH4
    (D) C2H2, CO2, H2

3. Pick out the true statement pertaining to water treatment.
    (A) Slow sand filters can remove color completely
    (B) Activated carbon can be used for taste & odour control without subsequent filtration
    (C) Application of activated carbon reduces the temporary hardness of water
    (D) Normally, the turbidity is removed by adding a coagulant prior to sedimentation

4. Commonly used glass is known as the __________ glass.
    (A) Flint
    (B) Hard
    (C) Pyrex
    (D) Soda

5. Consider the production of ammonia from methene and air as raw materials. The catalysts used are: (i) __________ for steam reforming of methane and (ii) __________ for ammonia synthesis.
    (A) (i) - Ni/Al2O3; (ii) - Cu - ZnO/Al2O3
    (B) (i) - Fe/Al2O3; (ii) - Cu - ZnO/Al2O3
    (C) (i) - Ni/Al2O3; (ii) - Fe/Al2O3
    (D) (i) - Fe/Al2O3; (ii) - Ni/Al2O3

6. Which of the following is not a raw material used for the manufacture of ordinary glass?
    (A) Iron oxide
    (B) Soda ash
    (C) Limestone
    (D) Silica

7. Which of the following processes does not produce Cl2 as a co-product during the manufacture of caustic soda?
    (A) Diaphragm electrolytic cell process
    (B) Mercury electrolytic cell process
    (C) Lime-soda process
    (D) None of these

8. L.D. converter is used in the production of
    (A) Pig iron
    (B) Steel
    (C) Copper
    (D) Zinc

9. Fermentator temperature during production of alcohol from molasses is around __________ °C.
    (A) 5
    (B) 30
    (C) 130
    (D) 300

10. Raw materials used for producing __________ cement does not contain iron oxide.
    (A) Waterproof
    (B) Slag
    (C) White
    (D) Pozzolan

11. Conversion of CO to CO2 by steam in presence of a catalyst is called
    (A) Steam reforming
    (B) Shift conversion
    (C) Steam gasification
    (D) None of these

12. Saponification value/number of an oil or fat is a measure of its
    (A) Fatty acid content
    (B) Degree of unsaturation of the fatty acids present in it
    (C) Average molecular weight
    (D) Insoluble fatty acid content

13. Cooking liquor in case of sulphite process is
    (A) Sodium sulphite and sodium bisulphite
    (B) Magnesium sulphite and free SO2 in acid medium
    (C) Magnesium sulphate and magnesium bicarbonate
    (D) None of these

14. Salt cake is chemically represented by
    (A) Na2SO4
    (B) CaSO4. ½H2O
    (C) MgSO4
    (D) BaSO4

15. Which of the following is not a pyrite ore?
    (A) Celestite
    (B) Galena
    (C) Gypsum
    (D) Siderite

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