Chemical Process Equipment Objective Type Questions - Set 10 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Process Equipment Objective Type Questions - Set 10

Practice Test: Question Set - 10

1. Chalcopyrite is the main ore of
    (A) Copper
    (B) Lead
    (C) Tin
    (D) Iron

2. Linde process of gas liquefaction employs
    (A) Exchange of heat with colder stream
    (B) Adiabatic expansion through a throttle valve (Joule-Thomson expansion)
    (C) Adiabatic expansion against a piston or in a turbine
    (D) Merely compressing the gas beyond its critical pressure

3. Pig iron is produced by blast furnaces in India using mostly the iron ore named
    (A) Hematite
    (B) Magnetite
    (C) Siderite
    (D) Chalcopyrite

4. __________ is a thermosetting plastic.
    (A) Polyvinyl chloride
    (B) Polythene
    (C) Bakelite
    (D) Teflon

5. Lubricating greases are a mixture of
    (A) Mineral oil, soap and additives
    (B) Mineral oil and metallic soap
    (C) Mineral oil and fatty oil
    (D) Fatty oil and metallic soap

6. Antibiotic
    (A) Inhibits/destroys the growth of microorganisms
    (B) Is used as a pain reliever
    (C) Is an antimalarial
    (D) Is an anaesthetic

7. Which of the following fuel gases contains maximum amount of carbon monoxide?
    (A) Coke oven gas
    (B) Water gas
    (C) Blast furnace gas
    (D) L.D. converter gas

8. Digestion of wood-base materials (for manufacture of pulp) is done to
    (A) Remove lignin
    (B) Produce long fibres
    (C) Prevent deterioration on storage
    (D) None of these

9. __________ process is used for producing soda ash.
    (A) Chamber
    (B) Chance
    (C) Tromp
    (D) Solvay

10. Thermosetting plastic materials
    (A) Can be repeatedly melted
    (B) Is useful for melt casting
    (C) Cannot be melted after forming
    (D) Is useful for spinning

11. Starting material for the production of butadiene in India is
    (A) Naphthalene
    (B) Benzol
    (C) Ethyl alcohol
    (D) Phthalic anhydride

12. Pick out the wrong statement.
    (A) Low intensity explosives are also called propellants, whereas high intensity explosive are called detonators
    (B) Gun powder comprises of 75% salt petre, 15% charcoal and 10% sulphur
    (C) Lead azide is a popular military explosive
    (D) TNT is a hygroscopic explosive having very high melting point and is non-toxic to human being

13. Main constituents of cotton fiber is
    (A) Lignin
    (B) Cellulose
    (C) Starch
    (D) Gelatine

14. Rancidity of the fatty oil can be reduced by its
    (A) Decoloration
    (B) Hydrogenation
    (C) Oxidation
    (D) Purification

15. Chrome tanning and vegetable tanning are done for
    (A) Light & heavy leather respectively
    (B) Heavy & light leather respectively
    (C) Both light & heavy leather
    (D) Neither light nor heavy leather

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