Chemical Process Instrumentation and Control MCQ Test - Set 36 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Process Instrumentation and Control MCQ Test - Set 36

Practice Test: Question Set - 36

1. Which is the most efficient absorbent for SO3 out of the following?
    (A) 20% oleum
    (B) 65% oleum
    (C) 78% H2SO4
    (D) 98% H2SO4

2. In nylon-66, the first and second numbers (i.e., 6) respectively designate the number of carbon atoms present in the
    (A) Diamine and the ring
    (B) Dibasic acid and the ring
    (C) Diamine and the dibasic acid
    (D) None of these

3. Calcination of gypsum produces
    (A) Plaster of Paris
    (B) Salt cake
    (C) Nitre cake
    (D) Lime

4. Ethylene oxide is produced by oxidation of ethylene in presence of AgO catalyst at
    (A) 1 atm & 100°C
    (B) 5 atm & 275°C
    (C) 100 atm & 500°C
    (D) 50 atm & 1000°C

5. Styrene is produced from ethyl benzene by the process of
    (A) Dehydrogenation
    (B) Oxidation
    (C) Alkylation
    (D) Dehydration

6. The metallic aluminium is obtained from pure alumina in the presence of fused cryolite by
    (A) Electrolysis
    (B) Electrolytic reduction
    (C) Electrolytic oxidation
    (D) None of these

7. Conversion of SO2 to SO3 in Monsanto 4-pass converter is about __________ percent.
    (A) 80
    (B) 90
    (C) 98
    (D) 100

8. A 'unit process' is exemplified by the
    (A) Distillation
    (B) Hydrogenation of oils
    (C) Absorption
    (D) Humidification

9. Pick out the wrong statement.
    (A) Eosin requirement in tallow soap is about 40-50% which fastens the lather formation, softens the hard soaps and increases its cleansing action
    (B) Soap powder is prepared by mixing soap with hydrated sodium carbonate
    (C) Detergents differ from soaps in their action in hard water
    (D) Tarnish inhibitor (e.g., Benzotriazole) is added in soap to facilitate the removal of stains due to tea, blood etc.

10. Sodium carbonate (soda ash) is not used in the manufacture of
    (A) Fire extinguishers
    (B) Sugar
    (C) Baking powder
    (D) Detergents

11. __________ is the major constituent of the Portland cement.
    (A) Calcium carbonate
    (B) Calcium oxide
    (C) Tricalcium silicate
    (D) Calcium sulphate

12. Chemical name of 'alum' is
    (A) Barium sulphate
    (B) Aluminium sulphate
    (C) Aluminium chloride
    (D) Calcium sulphate

13. Polythene is a/an __________ polymerisation product.
    (A) Addition
    (B) Condensation
    (C) Thermosetting
    (D) None of these

14. The only commercial Fischer-Tropsch plant for producing liquid hydrocarbon fuel from coal is located at
    (A) SASOL (in South Africa)
    (B) Redcar (U.K.)
    (C) Los Angeles (U.S.A.)
    (D) Trombay (India)

15. Aryl benzene sulphonate (ABS) is a
    (A) Detergent
    (B) Plasticizer for unsaturated polyester
    (C) Starting material for the synthesis of glycerine
    (D) Coating ingredient for photographic film

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