Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Engineering MCQ Test - Set 15 - ObjectiveBooks

Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Engineering MCQ Test - Set 15

Practice Test: Question Set - 15

1. In petroleum refining, the process used for conversion of hydrocarbons to aromatics is
    (A) Catalytic cracking
    (B) Catalytic reforming
    (C) Hydrotreating
    (D) Alkylation

2. Which of the following hydrocarbons of same carbon atoms has minimum smoking tendency?
    (A) Paraffins
    (B) Naphthenes
    (C) Aromatics
    (D) Iso-paraffins

3. Naphtha yield in straight run distillation of crude oil may be about __________ percent.
    (A) 2
    (B) 6
    (C) 12
    (D) 18

4. __________ determination is not a very significant and important test for gasoline.
    (A) Gum & sulphur content
    (B) Viscosity
    (C) Octane number
    (D) Reid vapor pressure

5. Isomerization converts the __________ tot-paraffins.
    (A) Paraffins
    (B) Olefins
    (C) Naphthenes
    (D) None of these

6. Natural gasoline is produced
    (A) From oil wells
    (B) In oil refineries
    (C) By natural gas stripping
    (D) None of these

7. The color of gasoline is an indication of its
    (A) Octane number
    (B) Lead susceptibility
    (C) Gum forming tendency & thoroughness of refining
    (D) None of these

8. 95% (by volume) of LPG at 760 mm Hg pressure will evaporate at __________ °C.
    (A) 2
    (B) -40
    (C) 30
    (D) 55

9. Which of the following contains maximum sulphur?
    (A) Diesel
    (B) Petrol
    (C) Kerosene
    (D) Fuel oil

10. Which is the most undesirable component in kerosene?
    (A) Aromatics
    (B) i-paraffins
    (C) n-paraffins
    (D) Naphthenes

11. Petroleum
    (A) Is optically active
    (B) Constitutes mainly of olefins
    (C) Does not contain asphalt
    (D) Does not contain aromatics

12. Aniline point of the diesel is a measure of its __________ content.
    (A) Aromatic
    (B) Paraffin
    (C) Olefin
    (D) Naphthene

13. __________ is not an important refinery process for upgrading the quality of lubricating oil.
    (A) Deoiling
    (B) Solvent refining
    (C) Clay treatment
    (D) Hydro-treatment

14. Which of the following has the highest gum forming tendency in gosoline?
    (A) Paraffins
    (B) Diolefins
    (C) Aromatics
    (D) Naphthenes

15. In case of liquid petrofuels, momentary combustion is observed at its
    (A) Flash point
    (B) Preheating temperature corresponding to viscosity of 25 centistokes
    (C) Flame temperature
    (D) Fire point

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