Polymer Engineering of Technology MCQ Practice Test - Set 18 - ObjectiveBooks

Polymer Engineering of Technology MCQ Practice Test - Set 18

Practice Test: Question Set - 18

1. Which of the following is not a natural fibre?
    (A) Silk
    (B) Viscose rayon
    (C) Wool
    (D) Cotton

2. Gutta percha rubber is
    (A) Soft & tacky at room temperature
    (B) An isomer of natural rubber
    (C) A thermosetting resin
    (D) Recovered by coagulation of rubber latex

3. Rayon is a __________ fibre.
    (A) Cellulosic
    (B) Polyamide
    (C) Polyester
    (D) Natural

4. Chain growth polymerization is a process, in which the monomers are added in a chain fashion, and it requires an initiator to produce the free radical. An example of chain growth polymerization products is
    (A) Nylon-66
    (B) Teflon
    (C) Polyester
    (D) Bakelite

5. The starting material used for the manufacture of caprolactam is
    (A) Ethyl benzene
    (B) Cyclohexane
    (C) Ethylene glycol
    (D) DMT

6. Which of the following is a copolymer?
    (A) Polystyrene
    (B) SBR
    (C) PTFE
    (D) Polypropylene

7. The only natural thermoplastic resin, which is a product of animal life is
    (A) Rosin
    (B) Shellac
    (C) Amber
    (D) Copal

8. Size range of polymer molecules varies from __________ meter.
    (A) 10-2 to 10-5
    (B) 10-4 to 10-7
    (C) 10-1 to 10-2
    (D) 10-8 to 10-10

9. Nylon-66 is a polyamide of
    (A) Hexamethylene diamine and adipic acid
    (B) Adipic acid and methyl amine
    (C) Vinyl chloride and formaldehyde
    (D) None of these

10. Polyhexamethylene adipamide is also known as
    (A) Bakelite
    (B) Nylon-66
    (C) Epoxy resin
    (D) Silicone rubber

11. Commercial production of polypropylene employs __________ polymerization.
    (A) Emulsion
    (B) Suspension
    (C) Solution
    (D) Bulk

12. Thermoplastic materials
    (A) Do not soften on application of heat
    (B) Are heavily branched molecules
    (C) Are solvent insoluble
    (D) None of these

13. Rexine (also called artificial leather), which is used for making table cover, automobile seat cover, shoes etc. is made by coating thick cloth with molten
    (A) Teflon
    (B) Bakelite
    (C) SBR
    (D) PVC

14. Cross linked polymers are
    (A) Thermoplastic
    (B) Thermosetting
    (C) Either (a) or (b)
    (D) Fibres only

15. Plexiglass (also called Lucite) because of its high optical transparency is used for making lenses. It is chemically
    (A) Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)
    (B) Polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE)
    (C) Polycarbonates
    (D) Phenolic resins

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