Polymer Membrane Technology MCQ - Set 16 - ObjectiveBooks

Polymer Membrane Technology MCQ - Set 16

Practice Test: Question Set - 16

1. Bakelite (phenol-formaldehyde) resin cannot be used as
    (A) Decorative paint
    (B) Decorative laminates
    (C) Electrical insulation
    (D) Glass reinforced plastics

2. Thermosetting resins/polymers as compared to thermoplastic ones are
    (A) Soluble in all organic solvents
    (B) More brittle
    (C) Formed by addition polymerization only
    (D) Easily reshaped & reused

3. Polycaprolactam is
    (A) Nylon-6
    (B) Nylon-66
    (C) Dacron
    (D) Rayon

4. Polyvinyl acetate is never used for making
    (A) Moulded articles
    (B) Fibres
    (C) Adhesives
    (D) All (a), (b) & (c)

5. Branched chain polymers compared to linear polymers have higher
    (A) Density
    (B) Tensile strength
    (C) Melting point
    (D) Degree of irregularity in atomic packing

6. In condensation polymerization as compared to addition polymerization
    (A) The monomers are unsaturated compounds
    (B) No co-product is lost
    (C) The monomers contain two functional groups
    (D) Generally only one monomer is involved

7. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
    (A) Is produced by Polycondensation reaction
    (B) Uses either emulsion or suspension polymerization methods
    (C) Can be made thermosetting by adding a plasticizer
    (D) Softening temperature is 200°C

8. Scouring is a finishing operation during the manufacture of fibre, which aims at __________ of fibres.
    (A) Improving the stretchability
    (B) Dyeing/coloring
    (C) Detergent solution washing
    (D) Glycol soaking

9. Polyesters are manufactured by the Polycondensation reaction of
    (A) Dibasic acid with dihydric alcohol
    (B) A single monomer
    (C) Carboxylic acid with ethylene
    (D) Inorganic acid with ethylene glycol

10. Condensation polymerization of caprolactam is carried out in the reactor maintained at a temperature of __________ °C for producing nylon-6.
    (A) -20 to 25
    (B) 50 to 75
    (C) 100 to 150
    (D) 250 to 280

11. Polyurethane cannot be used to make
    (A) Automobile cushion
    (B) Thermal insulation in refrigerator
    (C) Coating and adhesive
    (D) Fibre reinforced plastic (FRP)

12. Density of low density polythene is about __________ gm/c.c.
    (A) 0.38
    (B) 0.56
    (C) 0.81
    (D) 0.91

13. Thermosetting plastic materials
    (A) Can be repeatedly melted
    (B) Is useful for melt casting
    (C) Cannot be melted after forming
    (D) Is useful for spinning

14. Poly-tetra-fluoro ethylene (PTFE) is known as
    (A) Dacron
    (B) Teflon
    (C) Bakelite
    (D) Celluloid

15. Dacron is a
    (A) Condensation polymerization product of Hexamethylene diamine and adipic acid
    (B) Condensation polymerization product of dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and ethylene glycol
    (C) Thermosetting material
    (D) None of these

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