Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Viva Questions Answers - Set 05 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Viva Questions Answers - Set 05

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. Efficiency of a Carnot engine working between temperatures T1 and T2 (T1 < T) is
    (A) (T2 - T1)/T2
    (B) (T2 - T1)/T1
    (C) (T1 - T2)/T2
    (D) (T1 - T2)/T1

2. Fugacity is most helpful in
    (A) Representing actual behavior of real gases
    (B) Representing actual behavior of ideal gases
    (C) The study of chemical equilibria involving gases at atmospheric pressure
    (D) None of these

3. Chemical potential of ith component of a system is given by
    (A) µi = (∂F/∂ni)T, P, ni
    (B) µi = (∂A/∂ni)T, P, ni
    (C) µi = (∂F/∂ni)T, P
    (D) µi = (∂A/∂ni)T, P

4. During adiabatic expansion of gas
    (A) Pressure remains constant
    (B) Pressure is increased
    (C) Temperature remains constant
    (D) None of these

5. Kopp's rule is used to calculate the heat capacity of
    (A) Solids
    (B) Liquids
    (C) Gases
    (D) All (a), (b) & (c)

6. What is the degree of freedom for a system comprising liquid water equilibrium with its vapor?
    (A) 0
    (B) 1
    (C) 2
    (D) 3

7. Heat of formation of an element in its standard state is
    (A) 0
    (B) < 0
    (C) > 0
    (D) A function of pressure

8. In an ideal solution, the activity of a component equals its
    (A) Mole fraction
    (B) Fugacity at the same temperature and pressure
    (C) Partial pressure
    (D) None of these

9. Pick out the wrong statement.
    (A) The conversion for a gas phase reaction increases with decrease in pressure, if there is an increase in volume accompanying the reaction
    (B) With increase in temperature, the equilibrium constant increases for an exothermic reaction
    (C) The equilibrium constant of a reaction depends upon temperature only
    (D) The conversion for a gas phase reaction increases with increase in pressure, if there is a decrease in volume accompanying the reaction

10. Which of the following non-flow reversible compression processes require maximum work?
    (A) Adiabatic process
    (B) Isothermal process
    (C) Isobaric process
    (D) All require same work

11. Enthalpy of a gas depends upon its
    (A) Temperature
    (B) Mass
    (C) Volume
    (D) Pressure

12. Pressure-enthalpy chart is useful in refrigeration. The change in internal energy of an ideal fluid used in ideal refrigeration cycle is
    (A) Positive
    (B) Negative
    (C) Zero
    (D) Infinity

13. The intensive properties are
    (A) Molar volume, density, viscosity and boiling point
    (B) Refractive index and surface tension
    (C) Both (a) and (b)
    (D) None of these

14. Which of the following is Clausius-Clapeyron Equation for vaporization of an ideal gas under the condition that the molar volume of liquid is negligible compared to that of the vapor?
    (A) d ln p/dt = Hvap/RT2
    (B) d ln p/dt = RT2/Hvap
    (C) dp/dt = RT2/Hvap
    (D) dp/dt = Hvap/RT2

15. Standard temperature and pressure (S.T.P.) is
    (A) 0°C and 750 mm Hg
    (B) 15°C and 750 mm Hg
    (C) 0°C and 1 kgf/cm2
    (D) 15°C and 1 kgf/cm2

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