Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Short Questions & Answers - Set 07 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Short Questions & Answers - Set 07

Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. In vapor compression refrigeration system, if the evaporator temperature and the condenser temperatures are -13°C and 37°C respectively, the Carnot COP will be
    (A) 5.2
    (B) 6.2
    (C) 0.168
    (D) Data insufficient, can't be found out

2. Work done in an adiabatic process between two states depends on the
    (A) Rate of heat transmission
    (B) Initial state only
    (C) End states only
    (D) None of these

3. Which one is true for a throttling process?
    (A) A gas may have more than one inversion temperatures
    (B) The inversion temperature is different for different gases
    (C) The inversion temperature is same for all gases
    (D) The inversion temperature is the temperature at which Joule-Thomson co-efficient is infinity

4. Which is an example of closed system?
    (A) Air compressor
    (B) Liquid cooling system of an automobile
    (C) Boiler
    (D) None of these

5. While dissolving a gas into a liquid at a constant temperature, the ratio of the concentration of the gas in the solution phase and in the gaseous phase is
    (A) Infinity
    (B) Unity
    (C) Constant
    (D) Negative

6. For a reversible process involving only pressure-volume work
    (A) (dF)Tp < 0
    (B) (dF)Tp > 0
    (C) (dF)Tp = 0
    (D) (dA)Tv < 0

7. Refrigerants commonly used for domestic refrigerators are
    (A) Ethyl chloride or methyl chloride
    (B) Freon-12
    (C) Propane
    (D) NH3 or CO2

8. Gibbs-Duhem equation relates composition in liquid phase and the __________ at constant temperature & pressure.
    (A) Fugacity
    (B) Partial pressure
    (C) Activity co-efficient
    (D) All (a), (b), and (c)

9. Pick out the wrong statement.
    (A) Enthalpies of all elements in their standard states are assumed to be zero
    (B) Combustion reactions are never endothermic in nature
    (C) Heat of reaction at constant volume is equal to the change in internal energy
    (D) Clausius-Clapeyron equation is not applicable to melting process

10. Pick out the correct statement.
    (A) A real gas on expansion in vacuum gets heated up
    (B) An ideal gas on expansion in vacuum gets cooled
    (C) An ideal gas on expansion in vacuum gets heated up
    (D) A real gas on expansion in vacuum cools down whereas ideal gas remains unaffected

11. Which of the following is not an extensive property?
    (A) Free energy
    (B) Entropy
    (C) Refractive index
    (D) None of these

12. A reasonably general expression for vapor-liquid phase equilibrium at low to moderate pressure is φi yi P = Yi xifi° where, Φ is a vapor fugacity component, Yi is the liquid activity co-efficient and fi° is the fugacity of the pure component i. the Ki value (Yi = Ki xi) is therefore, in general a function of
    (A) Temperature only
    (B) Temperature and pressure only
    (C) Temperature, pressure and liquid composition xi only
    (D) Temperature, pressure, liquid composition xi and vapor composition yi

13. Air-refrigeration cycle
    (A) Is the most efficient of all refrigeration cycles
    (B) Has very low efficiency
    (C) Requires relatively large quantities of air to achieve a significant amount of refrigeration
    (D) Both (b) and (c)

14. Pick out the wrong statement.
    (A) Trouton's ratio of non-polar liquids is calculated using Kistyakowsky equation
    (B) Thermal efficiency of a Carnot engine is always less than 1
    (C) An equation relating pressure, volume and temperature of a gas is called ideal gas equation
    (D) None of these

15. The minimum number of phases that can exist in a system is
    (A) 0
    (B) 1
    (C) 2
    (D) 3

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