Environmental Engineering and Science Multiple Choice Questions - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

Environmental Engineering and Science Multiple Choice Questions - Set 06

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. Oilish impurities present the effluent discharged from the electroplating industry is normally not removed by
    (A) Chemical coagulation
    (B) Floatation & skimming
    (C) Centrifugation
    (D) Ultra filtration

2. A masonry structure built below ground level, where biochemical reaction takes place due to anaerobic bacteria is called
    (A) Cesspool
    (B) Lagoon
    (C) Skimming mill
    (D) Septic tank

3. Pick out the wrong statement
    (A) Low ozone layer thickness in polar regions is due to cold climatic conditions
    (B) Amount of unburnt hydrocarbons emitted by two stroke petrol engine is more as compared to that emitted by a four stroke engine
    (C) Carbon monoxide present in the two stroke petrol engine exhaust is much less as compared to that emitted from a four stroke engine
    (D) Mercury as a pollutant can enter the blood stream & the digestive system/ lungs and is responsible for causing Minamata disease

4. Water filtration rate in a slow sand filter ranges from __________ liters/m2/hr.
    (A) 10 to 20
    (B) 100 to 200
    (C) 1500 to 2500
    (D) 4000 to 5000

5. __________ content of the phosphate rock is the pollutant of primary interest in a phosphatic fertilizer plant.
    (A) Calcium
    (B) Fluorine
    (C) Phosphorous
    (D) Sulphur

6. Color test of water is done with an instrument called
    (A) Tintometer
    (B) Colorimeter
    (C) Electro-chemical cell
    (D) Turbidimeter

7. The weakest sound that can be heard by a person in a quiet environment is equivalent to __________ decibel.
    (A) 1
    (B) 5
    (C) 10
    (D) 50

8. The maximum CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere by
    (A) Combustion
    (B) Urea
    (C) Biomass burning
    (D) Trees

9. Workers working in __________ industry are most prone to white lung cancer.
    (A) Coal mining
    (B) Limestone mining
    (C) Textile
    (D) Asbestos

10. Which of the following processes is involved in the biochemical treatment of sewage effluents?
    (A) Oxidation
    (B) Reduction
    (C) Dehydration
    (D) Fermentation

11. Which of the following is a manmade source of air pollution?
    (A) Automobile exhaust
    (B) Forest fire
    (C) Bacterial action in soil and swamp areas
    (D) All (a), (b) and (c)

12. The earth's atmosphere is an envelope of gases present upto a height of about __________ kms.
    (A) 10
    (B) 200
    (C) 1000
    (D) 2000

13. Which of the following is the most active zone of atmosphere in which weathering events like rain, storm & lightning occur?
    (A) Thermosphere
    (B) Troposphere
    (C) Stratosphere
    (D) None of these

14. TLV of NO2 & NO exposure for the human being is 5 & 25 ppm respectively. Prolonged exposure of human being to NO2 causes
    (A) Skin disorder
    (B) Bronchitis
    (C) Bone disease
    (D) Cancer

15. Lung cancer & DNA breakage are the major ill effects of excessive ozone exposure to human beings. Ozone layer depletion in the atmosphere is mainly caused by the presence of
    (A) CO2
    (B) SO2
    (C) Hydrocarbons
    (D) CFC (chloro fluoro carbon)

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