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Reaction in Chemical Engineering Objective Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. The mean conversion in the exit stream, for a second order, liquid phase reaction in a non-ideal flow reactor is given by

2. Fluid flow in a real packed bed can be approximated as __________ model.
    (A) Plug flow
    (B) Dispersion
    (C) Mixed flow
    (D) Tank in series

3. The value of 'n' for a chemical reaction A → B, whose reaction rate is → CAn, will be __________ if the rate of the reaction increases by a factor of 8, when the concentration of is doubled.
    (A) 0
    (B) 1
    (C) 2
    (D) 3

4. The rate of an autocatalytic reaction as shown in the bellow figure, is given by -rA = k . CA . CB. In this case, the
    (A) Plot of - rA Vs CA is a straight line with slope k
    (B) Plot of - rA Vs CA is a hyperbola
    (C) Rate of disappearance of reactant A is maximum, where CA = CB
    (D) Both 'b' & 'c'

5. __________ resistance is not involved in the combustion of a carbon particle.
    (A) Gas film
    (B) Ash
    (C) Chemical reaction
    (D) None of these

6. A stirred tank reactor compared to tubular-flow reactor provides
    (A) More uniform operating conditions
    (B) Permits operation at the optimum temperature for a long reaction time
    (C) Higher overall selectivity for a first order consecutive reaction
    (D) All (a), (b) and (c)

7. A first order reaction is to be treated in a series of two mixed reactors. The total volume of the two reactors is minimum, when the reactors are
    (A) Equal in size
    (B) Of different sizes
    (C) Of such size that the ratio of their volumes is < 5
    (D) None of these

8. Half life period of a first order irreversible reaction A → B is
    (A) k/2
    (B) ln k/2
    (C) ln 2/k
    (D) ln 0.5/k

9. An example of autothermal reactor operation is
    (A) Sulphur dioxide oxidation
    (B) Ethylene oxidation
    (C) Benzene oxidation
    (D) Ammonia synthesis

10. The value of Steric factor 'P' in the equation k = PZeE/RT usually ranges from
    (A) 1.0 to 10-8
    (B) 1.1 to 102
    (C) 0.1 to 0.9
    (D) None of these

11. Brunauer, Emmet and Teller (BET) equation is used to determine the specific surface area of a porous particle but not the pore volume & the porosity of the catalyst bed. Which of the following postulates is not used to derive BET equation?
    (A) Langmuir's assumption applies to every adsorbed layer
    (B) There is no dynamic equilibrium between successive layer
    (C) The adsorbed layer may be polymolecular in thickness and the heat of adsorption in each layer (except the first one) is involved in each of the evaporation process
    (D) None of these

12. 'Unreacted core model' represents the reaction involving
    (A) Combustion of coal particles
    (B) Roasting of sulphide ores
    (C) Manufacture of carbon disulphide from elements
    (D) None of these

13. Volume change for unimolecular type first order reaction as shown in the bellow figure, increases __________ with time.
    (A) Linearly
    (B) Exponentially
    (C) Parabolically
    (D) Logarithmically

14. The effectiveness factor for large value of Thiele modulus [L(K/D1)] of a solid catalyzed first order reaction is equal to (where, L = length of the reactor, cm, D1 = diffusion co-efficient, cm2/second).
    (A) L (K/D1)
    (B) 1/[L(K/D1)]
    (C) 1
    (D) ∞

15. In case of the irreversible unimolecular type, first order reaction, the fractional conversion at any time for constant volume system as compared to variable volume system is
    (A) More
    (B) Less
    (C) Same
    (D) Either (a) or (b), depends on other factors

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