Advanced Fluid Mechanics Questions and Answers - Set 09 - ObjectiveBooks

Advanced Fluid Mechanics Questions and Answers - Set 09

Practice Test: Question Set - 09

1. The distribution of shear stress in a stream of fluid in a circular tube is
    (A) Linear with radius for turbulent flow only
    (B) Linear with radius for laminar flow only
    (C) Linear with radius for both laminar & turbulent flow
    (D) Parabolic with radius for both laminar & turbulent flow

2. Foot valves are provided in the suction line of a centrifugal pump to
    (A) Avoid priming, every time we start the pump
    (B) Remove the contaminant present in the liquid
    (C) Minimize the fluctuation in discharge
    (D) Control the liquid discharge

3. Which of the following is dimensionless?
    (A) Angular velocity
    (B) Fanning friction factor
    (C) Specific volume
    (D) None of these

4. What is the ratio of displacement thickness to nominal thickness for a linear distribution of velocity in the boundary layer on a flat plate?
    (A) 0.5
    (B) 1
    (C) 1.5
    (D) 2

5. A floating/submerged body is always stable, if its center of gravity
    (A) Lies above its center of buoyancy
    (B) And center of buoyancy coincide
    (C) Lies below its center of buoyancy
    (D) Lies above its metacenter

6. In case of end to end connection of two or more pipes in series, the __________ each pipe.
    (A) Same rate of flow passes through
    (B) Head loss is same through
    (C) Rate of flow in each pipe is proportional to the length of
    (D) Total flow rate is the sum of flow rate in

7. Boundary layer separation is caused by the
    (A) Reduction of pressure below vapor pressure
    (B) Reduction of pressure gradient to zero
    (C) Adverse pressure gradient
    (D) Reduction of boundary layer thickness to zero

8. The energy loss over a length of pipeline according to Darcy-Weisbach equation for pipe flow is ___________ the mean velocity of flow.
    (A) Directly proportional to
    (B) Directly proportional to square of
    (C) Inversely proportional to
    (D) Inversely proportional to square of

9. Which of the following conditions must be satisfied for lift force to be developed?
    (A) The body should be bluff body
    (B) The body should be stream lined
    (C) Circulation around the body is essentially required
    (D) The main stream velocity must approach the velocity of sound in that fluid medium

10. Existence of boundary layer in fluid flow is because of the
    (A) Surface tension
    (B) Fluid density
    (C) Fluid viscosity
    (D) Gravity forces

11. Correction for capillary effect in manometers (used for pressure measurement) need not be applied, if diameter of the manometer tube is __________ mm.
    (A) < 4
    (B) > 4
    (C) > 12.5
    (D) < 10

12. Pick out the correct statement pertaining to Venturimeter.
    (A) A Venturimeter with a fixed pressure drop discharges more, when the flow is vertically downward, than when the flow is vertically upward
    (B) The co-efficient of contraction of a Venturimeter is always unity
    (C) For a fixed pressure drop, the discharge of a gas through a Venturimeter is greater, when compressibility is taken into account, than when it is neglected
    (D) None of these

13. Diaphragm valves are used for handling __________ fluids.
    (A) Corrosive
    (B) Viscous
    (C) Non-Newtonian
    (D) Solid suspended

14. The continuity equation of fluid mechanics utilizes the principle of conservation of
    (A) Momentum
    (B) Mass
    (C) Energy
    (D) Both (b) & (c)

15. Vane anemometer
    (A) Is an area meter
    (B) Is a variable head meter
    (C) Rotates an element at a speed determined by the velocity of the fluid in which the meter is immersed
    (D) None of these

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