Chemical Engineering Mass Transfer GATE Exam Questions - Set 11 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Engineering Mass Transfer GATE Exam Questions - Set 11

Practice Test: Question Set - 11

1. In a binary distillation column, if the feed contains 40 mole % vapor, the q line will have a slope of
    (A) 1.5
    (B) -0.6
    (C) -1.5
    (D) 0.6

2. The individual mass transfer co-efficients (moles/m2s) for absorption of a solute from a gas mixture into a liquid solvent are, KL = 4.5 and KG = 1.5. The slope of the equilibrium line is 3. Which of the following resistance (s) is (are) controlling?
    (A) Liquid side
    (B) Gas side
    (C) Interfacial
    (D) Both liquid and gas side

3. Steady state temperature reached by a small amount of liquid evaporating into a large amount of unsaturated vapor-gas mixture is called the __________ temperature.
    (A) Dry-bulb
    (B) Wet-bulb
    (C) Dew point
    (D) Adiabatic saturation

4. In case of unsaturated air
    (A) Dew point < wet bulb temperature
    (B) Wet bulb temperature < dry bulb temperature
    (C) Both (a) and (b)
    (D) Neither (a) not (b)

5. The apex of an equilateral-triangular coordinate (in ternary liquid system) represents a/an
    (A) Pure component
    (B) Binary mixture
    (C) Ternary mixture
    (D) Insoluble binary system

6. __________ extractor is used for the concentration of radioactive nuclear waste.
    (A) Pulsed column
    (B) Sieve plate
    (C) Mixer-settler
    (D) Bollman

7. Removal of __________ exemplifies an adsorption unit operation.
    (A) Uranium from its ore
    (B) Water from petrol
    (C) Ammonia from coke oven gas
    (D) Mustard oil from mustard seed

8. Use of packed towers for distillation is generally limited to the
    (A) Small sizes
    (B) Multi-component distillation
    (C) High pressure operation
    (D) Vacuum distillation

9. Dimension of mass diffusivity is the same as that of
    (A) Kinematic viscosity
    (B) Dynamic viscosity
    (C) Surface tension
    (D) Pressure

10. Paper industry employs __________ driers.
    (A) Cylinder
    (B) Rotary
    (C) Spray
    (D) Fluidized bed

11. Pick out the wrong statement
    (A) A horizontal line on the humidity chart indicates the temperature changes at constant molal humidity
    (B) When water is cooled from 80 to 70°C by exposure to the air with a wet bulb temperature of 60°C, then both the approach & the range would be 10°C
    (C) For unsaturated air-water vapor mixture at atmospheric conditions, the wet bulb temperature & adiabatic cooling lines are the same
    (D) Relative saturation of unsaturated mixture of water vapor & air cannot be increased by either reducing the mixture temperature or by increasing the total pressure

12. Laboratory determination of the diffusivity of vapor is done by __________ method.
    (A) Wetted wall column
    (B) Gilliland's
    (C) Winkelmann's
    (D) Wike's

13. The relation among various mass transfer co-efficients (M.T.C) for ideal gases is given by (where, Kc & Km are M.T.C. for equimolar counter diffusion with concentration & mole fraction respectively as the driving force. and, Kp= M.T.C. for diffusion of a gas through a stagnant inert gas with pressure as driving force.)
    (A) Kc = Kp = Km
    (B) Kc = Kp/RT = Km . RT/P
    (C) Kc = Kp . RT = Km . RT/p
    (D) None of these

14. Pick out the wrong statement:
    (A) Change in barometric pressure does not affect the relative humidity
    (B) In case of a packed tower, the operating velocity is about half of the flooding velocity, generally
    (C) 'Elution' means the desorption of the adsorbed solute by a solvent
    (D) The equilibrium moisture content of the solid can be reduced by increasing the absolute humidity

15. The temperature of water cooled in cooling tower is always __________ temperature of entering air.
    (A) More than the wet bulb
    (B) Less than the wet bulb
    (C) Equal to the wet bulb
    (D) Equal to the dry bulb

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