Chemical Engineering Mass Transfer Basic Questions - Set 25 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Engineering Mass Transfer Basic Questions - Set 25

Practice Test: Question Set - 25

1. The film penetration model of mass transfer was enunciated by
    (A) Gilliland
    (B) Toor and Marcello
    (C) Stefan
    (D) Fick

2. Equilibrium moisture of a solid is equal to the total moisture minus free moisture. Which of the following substances will have maxi-mum equilibrium moisture?
    (A) Anthracite coal
    (B) Rag paper
    (C) Bamboo
    (D) Inorganic solids

3. (NRe . NSc) is termed in mass transfer operation as the __________ number.
    (A) Stanton
    (B) Sherwood
    (C) Peclet
    (D) None of these

4. At a given equilibrium pressure, with increase in temperature, the concentration of adsorbed gas on solid adsorbent
    (A) Increases
    (B) Decreases
    (C) Remains unchanged
    (D) Increases exponentially

5. With lapse of time, the overhead composition of light component in case of batch distillation with constant reflux
    (A) Increases
    (B) Decreases
    (C) Remain same
    (D) May increase or decrease; depends on system

6. HETP is numerically equal to HTU, only when the operating line
    (A) Lies below the equilibrium line
    (B) Lies above the equilibrium line
    (C) And equilibrium lines are parallel
    (D) Is far from the equilibrium line

7. The operation involved when the soluble material is largely on the surface of an insoluble solid and is merely washed off by the solvent is called
    (A) Decoction
    (B) Percolation
    (C) Elutriation or elution
    (D) None of these

8. __________ number indicates the ratio of the rates of the heat and mass transfer incase of a cooling tower.
    (A) Sherwood
    (B) Stanton
    (C) Lewis
    (D) Peclet

9. The recovery of penicillin from the acidified fermentation broth is done by
    (A) Distillation
    (B) Evaporation
    (C) Absorption
    (D) Liquid extraction

10. Drift in a cooling tower is
    (A) The water entrained by the circulating air
    (B) Dependent on the water lost by evaporation
    (C) Desirable
    (D) All (a), (b) & (c)

11. In McCabe-Thiele method, at infinite reflux ratio
    (A) The overhead product is minimum
    (B) Both the operating lines coincide with diagonal
    (C) Both (a) and (b)
    (D) Neither (a) nor (b)

12. Gaseous diffusivity at atmospheric pressure is of the order of __________ cm2/second.
    (A) 1
    (B) 1 to 5
    (C) 5 to 10
    (D) > 10

13. Absorption factor, for a fixed degree of absorption from a fixed amount of gas should be
    (A) 1
    (B) > 1
    (C) < 1
    (D) ≤ 1

14. Pick out the wrong statement.
    (A) With decrease in feed temperature, the number of plates required for binary distillation decreases for a given ‘L/V’ ratio
    (B) The extraction per unit of total height for a short packed column is more effective than for a tall column, in case of liquid-liquid extraction
    (C) Natural draft cooling towers are made of ferroconcrete and its cross-section is wider at the bottom
    (D) Vander wall adsorption is also called chemisorption

15. Molarity is defined as the number of gm moles of solute per __________ of solvent.
    (A) Liter
    (B) kg
    (C) gm
    (D) c.c

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