Chemical Fluid Mechanics Online Preparation Questions - Set 17 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Fluid Mechanics Online Preparation Questions - Set 17

Practice Test: Question Set - 17

1. Potential flow is the flow of
    (A) Compressible fluids with shear
    (B) Compressible fluids with no shear
    (C) Incompressible fluids with shear
    (D) Incompressible fluids with no shear

2. The buoyant force acting on a floating body is dependent on the
    (A) Viscosity of the liquid
    (B) Weight of the liquid displaced
    (C) Depth of immersion of the body
    (D) Surface tension of the liquid

3. Weber number is the ratio of inertial force to __________ force.
    (A) Surface tension
    (B) Gravity
    (C) Viscous
    (D) Elastic

4. Which of the following is used for pumping crude oil from oil well?
    (A) Single stage centrifugal pump
    (B) Gear pump
    (C) Screw pump
    (D) Duplex/triplex reciprocating pump

5. In case of Couette flow, the fluid flow is between two large flat parallel plates with
    (A) Top plate moving and the bottom plate fixed
    (B) Bottom plate moving and the top plate fixed
    (C) Both the plates fixed
    (D) Both the plates moving

6. A stream line is
    (A) Fixed in space in steady flow
    (B) Always the path of particle
    (C) Drawn normal to the velocity vector at every point
    (D) A line connecting the mid points of flow cross-section

7. Dimension of kinematic viscosity is
    (A) MLT-1
    (B) L2T-1
    (C) L2T
    (D) L2T-2

8. Froude number is the ratio of
    (A) Shear stress to gravitational stress
    (B) Drag stress to shear stress
    (C) Inertial stress to shear stress
    (D) Inertial stress to gravitational stress

9. Multistage compressors are used in industry, because they
    (A) Reduce the cost of compressor
    (B) Reduce the size requirement
    (C) Resemble closely to isothermal compression
    (D) Are easy to control

10. Hydraulic diameter for non-circular ducts is equal to __________ times the area of flow divided by the perimeter.
    (A) Two
    (B) Three
    (C) Four
    (D) Eight

11. Hydraulic __________ works on the principle of Pascal's law of transmission of fluid pressure.
    (A) Press
    (B) Turbine
    (C) Pump
    (D) Coupling

12. Propeller type centrifugal pumps are most suitable for
    (A) High capacity at high heads
    (B) High capacity at low heads
    (C) Low capacity at high heads
    (D) Low capacity at low heads

13. The discharge through a semi-circular weir varies as (where, H = Head of liquid.)
    (A) H
    (B) H2
    (C) H3/2
    (D) H1/2

14. Mach number is defined as the ratio of the local flow velocity to the sonic velocity in the fluid. For what value of Mach number, the gases are considered incompressible?
    (A) < 0.3
    (B) > 3
    (C) 50
    (D) 1

15. Which of the following exemplifies a three dimensional fluid flow?
    (A) Fluid flow at the inlet to a nozzle
    (B) Fluid flow between parallel plates
    (C) Viscous fluid flow between converging plates
    (D) None of these

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