Engineering Fluid Mechanics - Chemical Engineering MCQs - Set 15 - ObjectiveBooks

Engineering Fluid Mechanics - Chemical Engineering MCQs - Set 15

Practice Test: Question Set - 15

1. In hindered settling, the particles are
    (A) Placed farther from the wall
    (B) Not affected by other particles and the wall
    (C) Near each other
    (D) None of these

2. Paper pulp is an example of __________ fluid.
    (A) Dilatant
    (B) Bingham plastic
    (C) Newtonian
    (D) Pseudo-plastic

3. The vent valve provided in a liquid handling centrifugal pump is
    (A) Generally a needle valve
    (B) Used to release any gases that might be vapor locking the pump
    (C) Helpful in easy removal of samples
    (D) All (a), (b) and (c)

4. Capacity of a rotary gear pump can be varied by
    (A) Changing the speed of rotation
    (B) Bleeding air into suction
    (C) Bypassing liquid from the suction or discharge line
    (D) All (a), (b) and (c)

5. For laminar flow of a shear thinning liquid in a pipe, if the volumetric flow rate is doubled, the pressure gradient will increase by a factor of
    (A) 2
    (B) < 2
    (C) > 2
    (D) 1/2

6. If three pipes of different diameters, lengths & friction factors are connected in parallel, then (where, Q = flow rate, V= fluid velocity f = friction factor).
    (A) Q = Q1 + Q2 + Q3
    (B) V1 = V2 = V3
    (C) Q1 = Q2 = Q3
    (D) f = f1 + f2 + f3

7. The valve used for very remote and accurate control of fluid is a __________ valve.
    (A) Needle
    (B) Globe
    (C) Gate
    (D) Butterfly

8. Drag co-efficient CD, in Stoke's law range is given by
    (A) CD = 16/Re.p
    (B) CD = 24/Re.p
    (C) CD = 18.4/Re.p
    (D) CD = 0.079/Re0.25.p

9. A bed of spherical particles (specific gravity 2.5) of uniform size 1500 μm is 0.5 m in diameter and 0.5 m high. In packed bed state, the porosity may be taken as 0.4. Ergun's equation for the above fluid-particle system (in SI units) is given below:
      Δ P/L = 375 × 103 VOM + 10.94 × 106 V2OM (SI units)

If water is to be used as the fluidizing medium, in actual operation, the above bed has a height = 1 m. What is the porosity of the fluidized bed?
    (A) 0.2
    (B) 0.5
    (C) 0.7
    (D) 0.8

10. Design of the casing of centrifugal pump should be such as to minimize the
    (A) Back flow through impeller
    (B) Loss of kinetic head
    (C) Loss of static head
    (D) None of these

11. A rectangular surface 3' × 4', has the lower 3 edge horizontal and 6' below a free oil surface (sp. gr. 0.8). The surface inclination is 300 with the horizontal. The force on one side of the surface is (where, y = specific weight of water)
    (A) 39.6y
    (B) 48y
    (C) 49.2y
    (D) 58y

12. Quicksand is an example of a __________ fluid.
    (A) Bingham plastic
    (B) Dilatant
    (C) Newtonian
    (D) Pseudo plastic

13. What is the unit of kinematic viscosity in SI unit?
    (A) M2/sec
    (B) N/m2. sec
    (C) Kg. sec/m
    (D) None of these

14. The fluid velocity varies as the cube of the cylindrical pipe diameter in case of steady state laminar flow at constant pressure drop for __________ fluid.
    (A) Newtonian
    (B) Pseudo-plastic
    (C) Dilatent
    (D) Bingham plastic

15. Umf is the minimum fluidization velocity for a bed of particles. An increase in the superficial gas velocity from 2 Umf to 2.5 Umf results in (all velocities are smaller than the entrainment velocity of the particles) no change in the
    (A) Drag on particles
    (B) Drag on column walls
    (C) Bed height
    (D) Bed voidage

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