Mass Transfer - Chemical Engineering Books MCQ Questions - Set 36 - ObjectiveBooks

Mass Transfer - Chemical Engineering Books MCQ Questions - Set 36

Practice Test: Question Set - 36

1. 'Absorption with chemical reaction' is involved in the removal of
    (A) Carbon dioxide from gaseous stream using alkaline solution
    (B) Benzol from coke oven gas using solar oil/wash oil
    (C) Ammonia from coke oven gas using refrigerated water
    (D) Tar from coke oven gas in primary gas coolers using chilled water

2. Which of the following mixtures does not form an azeotrope at atmospheric pressure?
    (A) Water-alcohol
    (B) Methyl alcohol-acetone
    (C) Butyl acetate-water
    (D) None of these

3. In batch distillation with constant reflux, overhead product composition __________ with time.
    (A) Increases
    (B) Decreases
    (C) Does not vary
    (D) May increase on decrease, depends on the system

4. McCabe-Thiele method of binary distillation does not assume that the
    (A) Sensible heat changes are negligible compared with latent heat changes
    (B) Molar latent heats of all components are equal
    (C) Heat of mixing is negligible
    (D) None of these

5. Which of the following same diameter columns gives lowest pressure drop per unit height?
    (A) Bubble-cap column
    (B) Sieve-plate column
    (C) Packed column (stacked)
    (D) Randomly packed column

6. Absorption factor method is used to calculate the number of ideal stages, when
    (A) Operating line lies above the equilibrium line
    (B) Operating line lies below the equilibrium line
    (C) Both operating and equilibrium lines are parallel
    (D) Pressure drop in the column is very high

7. Entrainer used in Azeotropic distillation should
    (A) Form a low boiling azeotrope with one of the constituents of the mixture
    (B) Form a new azeotrope of low relative volatility with one of the constituents of the mixture
    (C) Have high latent heat of vaporization
    (D) Have high viscosity to provide high tray efficiency

8. A plait point is the point on the solubility curve, where the tie line reduces to a point. What is the number of plait point for a ternary system containing two pairs of partially miscible liquids?
    (A) 0
    (B) 1
    (C) 2
    (D) 3

9. For the same process conditions, the reflux ratio of an unlagged distillation column
    (A) Decreases in winter
    (B) Increases in winter
    (C) Increases in summer
    (D) None of these

10. Minimum possible diameter of a packed column is decided mainly by the
    (A) Flooding
    (B) Gas viscosity
    (C) Liquid density
    (D) Liquid hold up

11. Ponchon-Savarit method analyses the fractional equipment based on
    (A) Enthalpy balance only
    (B) Material balance only
    (C) Both enthalpy and material balances
    (D) The assumption of constant molal-overflow

12. Dryer widely used in a textile industry is __________ dryer.
    (A) Festoon
    (B) Cylinder
    (C) Conveyor
    (D) Tunnel

13. Which of the following liquid-vapor contacting devices provides maximum contact surface area for a particular duty?
    (A) Sieve plate column
    (B) Bubble cap column
    (C) Randomly packed column
    (D) Wetted wall column

14. In a binary system, separation is very efficient, when the relative volatility is
    (A) 1
    (B) > 1
    (C) < 1
    (D) 0.5

15. The following plot gives the saturated humidity (He) versus temperature (T).Line joining (H1, T1) and (H2, T2) is the constant enthalpy line. Choose the correct one from among the alternatives A, B, C and D.
    (A) T1-Dew point temp; T2-Dry bulb temp; T3-Wet bulb temp
    (B) T1-Dew point temp; T2-Wet bulb temp; T3-Dry bulb temp
    (C) T1-Wet bulb temp; T2-Dry bulb temp; T3-Dew point temp
    (D) T1-Dry bulb temp; T2-Wet bulb temp; T3-Dew point temp

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