MCQ on Eco Friendly Construction Materials - Set 09 - ObjectiveBooks

MCQ on Eco Friendly Construction Materials - Set 09

Practice Test: Question Set - 09

1. Presence of manganese in alloy steel improves its
    (A) Corrosion resistance
    (B) Cutting ability
    (C) Abrasion resistance & toughness
    (D) Elasticity & creep resistance

2. Which of the following is the most widely used insulating material for steam carrying pipelines?
    (A) Ceramic fibre blanket
    (B) Glass wool and 85% magnesia
    (C) Vermiculite
    (D) Slag wool

3. Reactor used in the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is made of
    (A) Nickel or glass lined steel
    (B) Aluminium
    (C) Tantalum
    (D) Lead

4. A metallic alloy in which one of the constituent metal is __________, is called an amalgam.
    (A) Zinc
    (B) Mercury
    (C) Lead
    (D) Tin

5. Which of the following undergoes granular fracture?
    (A) Wrought iron
    (B) Steel
    (C) Cast iron
    (D) None of these

6. The most distinguished property of malleable cast iron is its high
    (A) Ductility
    (B) Hardness
    (C) Malleability
    (D) None of these

7. Liners of a ball mill are never made of
    (A) Lead
    (B) Alloy steel
    (C) Rubber or ceramic material
    (D) Cast iron

8. The damage/deterioration of metals by the __________ action of fluids is called 'erosion'.
    (A) Abrasive
    (B) Corrosive
    (C) Both (a) & (b)
    (D) Neither (a) nor (b)

9. Teflon (PTFE) is corroded by
    (A) Hydrochloric acid (10%)
    (B) Hydrochloric acid (95%)
    (C) Sulphuric acid
    (D) None of these

10. Steel balls for ball bearings are generally made of __________ steel.
    (A) Cast
    (B) Stainless
    (C) Free carbon
    (D) Carbon chrome

11. Mercury is transported in metal containers made of
    (A) Aluminium
    (B) Iron
    (C) Lead
    (D) Nickel

12. Visco-elastic behavior of materials which is time dependent is common in
    (A) Plastics
    (B) Crystalline solid
    (C) Non-crystalline solids
    (D) Non-crystalline organic polymer

13. Straight silicon steel (containing Si from 0.5 to 5%) because of their low hysteresis loss and high magnetic permeability are used for electrical appliances. Which of the following electrical appliances made of silicon steel contains maximum percentage of silicon (about 4%)?
    (A) Armature of small motors/generators
    (B) Generators and small motors
    (C) Induction motors
    (D) High frequency transformers

14. Amount of energy that a material can absorb before its fracture is a measure of its
    (A) Toughness
    (B) Resilience
    (C) Malleability
    (D) Ductility

15. Which of the following is the softest material?
    (A) Quartz
    (B) Calcite
    (C) Corundum
    (D) Fluorite

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