New Construction Materials Online Test Questions - Set 08 - ObjectiveBooks

New Construction Materials Online Test Questions - Set 08

Practice Test: Question Set - 08

1. Which of the following has a very high carbide forming tendency in steels?
    (A) Silicon
    (B) Chromium
    (C) Nickel
    (D) Vanadium

2. Neutralizer tank used for reacting nitric acid with ammonia for the production of ammonium nitrate is made of
    (A) Aluminium
    (B) Stainless steel
    (C) High silicon (14%) iron
    (D) Copper

3. Compressive strength of wood is usually more along the grains. The tensile strength of wood as compared to that of steel is about
    (A) Half
    (B) One third
    (C) One fifth
    (D) One twelfth

4. The loss of strength in compression which occurs, when there is a gain of strength in tension due to over loading is called
    (A) Bauschinger effect
    (B) Hooke's effect
    (C) Hysteresis
    (D) Relaxation

5. Brine solution is stored/treated in __________ lined vessels/pipes.
    (A) Rubber
    (B) Lead
    (C) Glass
    (D) Nickel

6. A measure of toughness of a material is its
    (A) Percentage elongation
    (B) Yield strength
    (C) Ultimate strength
    (D) Area under stress-strain diagram

7. White cast iron as compared to grey cast iron is
    (A) More durable
    (B) Very brittle
    (C) Very hard
    (D) All (a), (b) & (c)

8. Steel rods are used in reinforced concrete to increase its __________ strength.
    (A) Shear
    (B) Tensile
    (C) Compressive
    (D) None of these

9. Very high sulphur in pig iron makes
    (A) Its casting unsound
    (B) Its hard and machinable
    (C) Its brittle and malleable
    (D) All (a), (b) & (c)

10. Material of construction of pipe generally used for conveying water in India is
    (A) Stainless steel
    (B) Cast iron
    (C) Wrought iron
    (D) Lead lined steel

11. The material of construction of bearings is
    (A) Cast iron
    (B) Babbitt metal
    (C) Pig iron
    (D) Steel

12. Ceramic materials fabrication cannot be done by
    (A) Welding
    (B) Slip casting
    (C) Extrusion
    (D) Plastic pressing

13. Duriron is
    (A) Acid resistant, brittle and very hard
    (B) High silicon iron
    (C) Prone to breakage due to thermal expansion because of its very high co-efficient of thermal expansion
    (D) All (a), (b) and (c)

14. Which of the following is not shipped in mild steel containers?
    (A) Acetone
    (B) Ammonia
    (C) Ethyl alcohol
    (D) Formic acid

15. Steel pipes are normally manufactured by __________ process.
    (A) Extrusion
    (B) Cold working
    (C) Forging
    (D) Electroforming

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