Prefabricated Building Materials Online Practice Tests - Set 19 - ObjectiveBooks

Prefabricated Building Materials Online Practice Tests - Set 19

Practice Test: Question Set - 19

1. Atmospheric corrosion of metals result from their
    (A) Slow oxidation
    (B) Fast oxidation
    (C) Fast hydration
    (D) Slow dehydration

2. Austenitic manganese steel used for making jaws of crushing machines contains about __________ percent manganese.
    (A) 1.5-2
    (B) 3.5-4.5
    (C) 7-9
    (D) 12-14

3. For spinning viscose rayon, the extrusion spinnerettes are made of
    (A) Platinum or gold alloys
    (B) High carbon steel
    (C) Aluminium
    (D) Nickel

4. Ability of a material to absorb energy in deformation in the plastic range is characterized as its
    (A) Ductility
    (B) Toughness
    (C) Creep
    (D) Resilience

5. Hydrochloric acid is stored in a __________ steel vessel.
    (A) Lead lined
    (B) Rubber lined
    (C) Glass lined
    (D) Stainless

6. The metals occurring at the lower most position in the electromotive series
    (A) Do not resist corrosion
    (B) Resist corrosion very strongly
    (C) Are very brittle
    (D) Are heat insulators

7. Diamagnetic materials are magnetized
    (A) Strongly
    (B) Only slightly
    (C) With eddy currents only
    (D) In a direction opposite to that of the applied field

8. Purity of electrical grade aluminium should be ≥ __________ percent.
    (A) 95
    (B) 99.5
    (C) 85
    (D) 90

9. Spark plugs, ignition tubes and electrodes are made of nickel __________ alloys.
    (A) Beryllium
    (B) Manganese
    (C) Copper
    (D) Iron

10. Which of the following has the highest compressive strength?
    (A) Wrought iron
    (B) Cast iron
    (C) Mild steel
    (D) High carbon steel

11. Balls in a ball mill are usually made of
    (A) Steel
    (B) Cast iron
    (C) Stainless steel
    (D) Bronze

12. Tempering of steel is done to make it
    (A) Brittle
    (B) Hard
    (C) Rollable
    (D) Soft

13. In the Kraft (sulphate) process for the paper manufacture, the digestor is made of

    (A) Cast iron
    (B) Stainless steel
    (C) Karbate carbon
    (D) Wrought iron

14. Constantan is an alloy of
    (A) Cu (55%) & Sn (45%)
    (B) Cu (55%) & Ni (45%)
    (C) Pt (95%) & Rh (10%)
    (D) Fe (80%) & Ni (20%)

15. Galvanizing (i.e., zinc coating) of steel sheets is done to
    (A) Prevent its rusting by contact with corrosive atmosphere
    (B) Protect the base metal by cathodic protection
    (C) Both (a) & (b)
    (D) Neither (a) nor (b)

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