Selection of Materials of Construction for Chemical Plants MCQ - Set 24 - ObjectiveBooks

Selection of Materials of Construction for Chemical Plants MCQ - Set 24

Practice Test: Question Set - 24

1. Which of the following commercial metals is most abundantly found in India?
    (A) Copper
    (B) Aluminium
    (C) Nickel
    (D) Zinc

2. Which of the following is not an alloy of tin?
    (A) White-bearing metal
    (B) Pewter type metal
    (C) Soft solder
    (D) German silver

3. Coke oven regenerators are made of __________ bricks.
    (A) Fire clay
    (B) Silica
    (C) Low thermal conductivity
    (D) High electrical conductivity

4. __________ can replace tungsten in high speed steel,
    (A) Chromium
    (B) Vanadium
    (C) Cobalt
    (D) Molybdenum

5. Presence of high phosphorous in cast iron increases its
    (A) Fluidity
    (B) Melting point
    (C) Shrinkage
    (D) Tensile strength

6. The ability of a material to absorb energy in the elastic range is a measure of its
    (A) Toughness
    (B) Resilience
    (C) Malleability
    (D) Brittleness

7. The impure iron (pig iron) that is tapped out from blast furnace contains about __________ percent carbon.
    (A) 0.2
    (B) 2
    (C) 4
    (D) 8

8. Mild steel is
    (A) A low carbon steel (0.05 to 0.3% carbon)
    (B) Highly resistant to corrosion (as much as stainless steel)
    (C) A high carbon steel (0.5 to 1.5% carbon)
    (D) Very poor in strength & ductility

9. Perspex is nothing but
    (A) Acrylic sheet
    (B) An elastomer
    (C) An alloy of lead and tin
    (D) Aluminium foil clad with Bakelite

10. Pick out the wrong statement.
    (A) Tin can be readily and very easily drawn into very fine wire
    (B) Tin can be severely cold worked without the necessity of annealing due to its low recrystallisation temperature
    (C) Tin exists in two allotropic forms
    (D) The predominant use of tin is in the form of coating for steel & copper alloys

11. Cementite is
    (A) Fe3C chemically
    (B) A compound of carbon and iron
    (C) Characterized by an orthorhombic crystal structure
    (D) All (a), (b) and (c)

12. The digester of a Gobar (cow dung) gas plant is a
    (A) Mild steel drum
    (B) Stainless steel vessel
    (C) Masonry well
    (D) Cast iron vessel

13. Monel alloy is
    (A) The costliest of all the alloys of nickel
    (B) Not suitable for making kitchen utensils
    (C) Used for making steam valves and turbine blades as it resists steam attack at high temperature
    (D) Not used in cast and wrought forms

14. Hot working of lead is carried out at
    (A) 75° C
    (B) 373° K
    (C) 150° C
    (D) Room temperature

15. Dielectric strength of a material is
    (A) Its energy storage capacity
    (B) A magnetic property
    (C) Its capacity to resist the flow of current
    (D) Its capacity to withstand high voltage

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