Cutting Tools ITI Machinist MCQ Practice Test - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

Cutting Tools ITI Machinist MCQ Practice Test - Set 06

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. The taper shank drills should be removed from the machine spindle by means of
    (A) Hammer
    (B) Tang of file
    (C) Punch
    (D) Drift

2. Which among the following factors will NOT influence the selection of the cutting speed while performing operation on drilling machine?
    (A) Width of job
    (B) Material of job
    (C) Material of tool
    (D) Operation to be performed

3. The material of twist drill is generally
    (A) HSS
    (B) Carbide steel
    (C) Diamond
    (D) Cast steel

4. The symbol conventionally used for resinoid bond is
    (A) V
    (B) R
    (C) B
    (D) E

5. The effect of using a glazed or loaded wheel is
    (A) More heat generation
    (B) Poor surface finish
    (C) Excessive cutting pressure between the wheel face and the work surface
    (D) All of the above

6. Grinding with a balanced grinding wheel will make it possible to achieve the required
    (A) Dimensional accuracy with surface finish
    (B) Positional tolerance surface finish only
    (C) Positional tolerance
    (D) Pattern of lay

7. The width of a form tool should never exceed ________ times the smallest diameter of the finished part.
    (A) 1.5
    (B) 3.0
    (C) 4.0
    (D) 4.5

8. A cutting tool used to cut outside threads is called
    (A) Drill
    (B) Reamer
    (C) Die
    (D) Tap

9. Which one of the following designations does NOT denote the grade of a file?
    (A) Bastard
    (B) First cut
    (C) Second cut
    (D) Smooth

10. The length of hacksaw blade is measured from
    (A) One end of the toothed portion to the other end
    (B) Center of one pin hole to the center of other pin hole
    (C) End to end of blade
    (D) End of one hole to the end of the other pin hole

11. The process of enlarging the end of an existing hole to accommodate the head of socket screw is called
    (A) Spot-facing
    (B) Boring
    (C) Counter-boring
    (D) Counter-sinking

12. A nut is to be made for a screw of M10 × 1.5. What should be the size of drilled hole?
    (A) 8.5 mm
    (B) 9.0 mm
    (C) 9.5 mm
    (D) 10.0 mm

13. Which one among the following is NOT the cause for a broken tap while tapping?
    (A) The tap has coarse threads
    (B) Too much downward pressure is applied
    (C) Cutting oil is not used
    (D) Smaller tap drill size is used

14. A groove is being chipped by a chisel. How will you avoid the metal breaking off as a lump, when reaching the end of the groove?
    (A) By chipping with light force when reaching the end
    (B) By using soluble oil
    (C) By holding the chisel with the less inclination
    (D) By chipping the end portion from opposite side

15. There are two rake angles of a lath cutting tool. These are:
    (A) Front rake and back rake
    (B) Top rake and bottom rake
    (C) Back rake and side rake
    (D) Left rake and right rake

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