Cutting Tools Objective Questions and Answers - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Cutting Tools Objective Questions and Answers - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. While chipping, the clearances angle is the angle between
    (A) The working surface of the job and the top surface of cutting edge of chisel
    (B) The working surface of the job and the bottom surface of cutting edges of chisel
    (C) The surface at right angle to the cutting edge of chisel and the working surface of the job
    (D) None of the above

2. Which one of the following is used to hold the straight shank drill having diameter less than 12 mm?
    (A) Sleeve
    (B) Socket
    (C) Drill chuck
    (D) Drill drift

3. The taper shank of a drill of 20 mm diameter has
    (A) MT-1 taper
    (B) MT-2 taper
    (C) MT-3 taper
    (D) MT-4 taper

4. The best position to hold the job in the vice when filing is
    (A) Eye level
    (B) Shoulder level
    (C) Elbow level
    (D) Arm level

5. As per Indian Standards the grain size '46' comes under the group
    (A) Coarse
    (B) Medium
    (C) Fine
    (D) Very Fine

6. Tap water is NOT preferred as coolant while drilling. What is the reason for this?
    (A) Insufficient cooling effect
    (B) Danger of corrosion
    (C) Decrease in cutting action of drill
    (D) Quick evaporation of water

7. Which one of the following drilling machines is used for drilling holes where electricity is not available?
    (A) Bench drilling machine
    (B) Pillar drilling machine
    (C) Radial drilling machine
    (D) Ratchet drilling machine

8. How does a hand reamer differ from a machine reamer?
    (A) Larger bevel lead for the cutting edge
    (B) More number of cutting teeth
    (C) Less number of cutting teeth
    (D) Unequal spacing of cutting edges

9. Counter-boring is done for
    (A) Deburring hole ends
    (B) Enlarging the hole to accurate size
    (C) Finishing the cored hole
    (D) Accommodating socket head screws

10. A reamed hole has patches of poor finish. Which one of the following is the cause for this defect?
    (A) The bored hole has insufficient reaming allowance
    (B) Excessive cutting speed
    (C) Wrong selection of the reamer for the job
    (D) Insufficient coolant supply

11. In which one of the following machining operations, single-point cutting tools are not used?
    (A) Turning
    (B) Shaping
    (C) Planing
    (D) Milling

12. A cutting tool used to finish and enlarge a hole is known as
    (A) Drill
    (B) Tap
    (C) Die
    (D) Reamer

13. A hole which is not made through full depth of the component is known as
    (A) Core hole
    (B) Blind hole
    (C) Pin hole
    (D) Bore hole

14. The cutting angle of a flat chisel for chipping aluminium is
    (A) 35°
    (B) 55°
    (C) 60°
    (D) 70°

15. The safe edge of file is used to
    (A) Give best finishing
    (B) Protect the adjacent sides
    (C) Finish flat surfaces only
    (D) Cut metal very quickly

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