Cutting Tools Operations ITI Questions - Set 07 - ObjectiveBooks

Cutting Tools Operations ITI Questions - Set 07

Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. Dressing and truing of a grinding wheel are
    (A) Exactly the same operation
    (B) Done with the same equipment
    (C) Done only for coarse grinding wheels
    (D) Only for form grinding wheels

2. The drill sleeves or sockets are available with Morse taper and their number range MT-1 to MT-6. Which one of the following drill sizes refers to MT-4?
    (A) Drills above 14 mm up to 23 mm
    (B) Drills above 23 mm up to 31.75 mm
    (C) Drills above 31.75 mm up to 50.50 mm
    (D) Drills above 50.50 mm up to 76 mm

3. Both sides of a flat bastard file have
    (A) No Cut
    (B) Single cut teeth
    (C) Double cut teeth
    (D) Wavy teeth

4. Drill sleeve is used when the taper shank of the drill is
    (A) Smaller than the machine spindle
    (B) Larger than the machine spindle
    (C) Equal to the machine spindle
    (D) None of the above

5. For grinding carbide materials
    (A) Aluminium oxide wheel is used
    (B) Silicon carbide wheel is used
    (C) Diamond wheel is used
    (D) Corundum wheel is used

6. A grinding wheel is marked: 51 A 46 L 5 V -23. Here what do 5 denote?
    (A) Kind of bond
    (B) Structure
    (C) Kind of abrasive
    (D) Grain size

7. Which among the following is NOT the cause for loading of grinding wheel?
    (A) Dense structure
    (B) Feed too fine
    (C) Wheel speed more than recommended
    (D) Proper grain size and grade of wheel

8. After threading a hole by a tap, it was found that the crest of thread was not formed throughout. Which one of the following reasons would have caused this defect?
    (A) Insufficient coolant supply
    (B) Broken the tip of cutting edge of the tap
    (C) Hole size slightly less than the tap drill size
    (D) Hole size slightly more than the tap drill size

9. Which of the following is NOT true with reference to negative rake angle of a lathe cutting tool?
    (A) Makes tool blunt
    (B) Increases the strength of the tool
    (C) Causes higher temperature
    (D) Reduces friction

10. Which one of the following coolants is used for reaming aluminium workpiece?
    (A) Kerosene
    (B) Water
    (C) Air pressures
    (D) Lard oil

11. The relief angle given behind the cutting lips is called
    (A) Lip clearance angle
    (B) Helix angle
    (C) Rake angle
    (D) Chisel edge angle

12. The angle of drill grinding gauge is
    (A) 59°
    (B) 118°
    (C) 121°
    (D) 124°

13. As per Indian Standards the 'M' grade of grinding wheel comes under the group
    (A) Soft
    (B) Medium
    (C) Hard
    (D) Very Hard

14. The teeth of hacksaw blade are set to
    (A) Provide clearance for the blade
    (B) Prevent jamming and breakage of blade
    (C) Make the kerf wider than the blade
    (D) All of the above

15. The suitable cutting fluid for drilling M.S. plate is
    (A) Soluble oil
    (B) Water
    (C) Compressed air
    (D) Dry

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