CNC Turning center, Elements, Programming and Operations ITI MCQ - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

CNC Turning center, Elements, Programming and Operations ITI MCQ - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which code is used for peck drilling in FANUC controller system?
    (A) G80
    (B) G76
    (C) G72
    (D) G74

2. Which is the programme for simple turning operation for the length of -30 mm?
    (A) N008 G01 Y-2.5
    (B) N011 G00 X020
    (C) N009 G01 Z-30
    (D) N010 G01 X5 Z-30

3. Which is general safety in CNC turning?
    (A) Do not use non standard tools / holders
    (B) Check the voltage and current
    (C) Check the chuck function
    (D) Check the programme control levels

4. Which type of chuck is used in a CNC lathe?
    (A) Two jaw chuck
    (B) Three jaw chuck
    (C) Hydraulic chuck
    (D) Four Jaw chuck

5. What ‘N’ of ISO insert tool specifies?
    (A) Shape
    (B) Grade
    (C) Material
    (D) Relief angle

6. When the machine moves 25.49 mm for the command X = 25.50 mm, what must be the positional accuracy?
    (A) 0.001 mm
    (B) 0.01 mm
    (C) 0.1 mm
    (D) 1 mm

7. What is the role of G-wards in part programming function?
    (A) Preparatory function
    (B) Sequence of operation by the tool
    (C) Indicate position of tool motion
    (D) Specify the cutting speed process

8. What is the feed of CNC machine XYZ axis?
    (A) 1 to 2 mm/min
    (B) 5 to 50 mm/min
    (C) 1 to 1000 mm/min
    (D) 1 to 100 mm/min

9. What is the first step to stop CNC machine of an accident happen while working?
    (A) Switch off regulator
    (B) Press emergency switch
    (C) Reset machine
    (D) Reset regulator

10. What is M8 represent in programs off CPU tapping?
    (A) Coolant off
    (B) Coolant on
    (C) Specific direction
    (D) Tapping RH threads

11. What is the control system of the CNC machine?
    (A) Straight cut control
    (B) 2-D Contouring control
    (C) 3-D Contouring control
    (D) 2.5 D Contouring control

12. What is the code M11 defined by the machine tool?
    (A) Coolant OFF
    (B) Coolant ON
    (C) Chuck close
    (D) Door close

13. Which motor control the axes of CNC machine?
    (A) Air motor
    (B) DC series motor
    (C) Servo motor
    (D) Hydraulic motor

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