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CNC Turning Programming Operations Objective Questions

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. What R denotes as per ISO designation of boring bar S32USKKR12 of CNC lathe?
    (A) Shank type
    (B) Clearance angle
    (C) Tool length
    (D) Cutting direction

2. What is G04?
    (A) Linear interpolation
    (B) CW circular interpolation
    (C) CCW Circular Interpolation
    (D) Dwell time

3. What is the spindle speed range in CNC machine?
    (A) 40-500 RAM
    (B) 40-4000 RAM
    (C) 10-600 RAM
    (D) 30-1000 RAM

4. Which mechanism reduces the back lash of CNC lathe?
    (A) Stopper
    (B) Clutch
    (C) Recalculating ball screw with nut
    (D) Break

5. Which preparatory code should be selected for taper threading cycle?
    (A) G32
    (B) G92
    (C) G76
    (D) G33

6. Which describing machine tool movement in CNC?
    (A) G-code
    (B) M-code
    (C) T-word
    (D) S-word

7. Which is the disadvantage of NC system?
    (A) Accuracy cannot be a change
    (B) Increase compound rejection
    (C) Skilled operator involves
    (D) If tape is spoiled, entire program is affected

8. Which guide way separates the surface contact between the sliding parts by a thin layer of fluid?
    (A) Flat guide way
    (B) Vee guide way
    (C) Hydrostatic guide way
    (D) Dovetail guide way

9. Which G-code is used for tapping left hand thread with thread M4 in CNC program?
    (A) G74
    (B) G84
    (C) G28
    (D) G9

10. Which quadrant in Cartesian co-ordinate will have positive value both in X and Y?
    (A) Fourth
    (B) Second
    (C) Third
    (D) First

11. Which code describes the auxiliary function of CNC machine?
    (A) N-words
    (B) M-words
    (C) G-words
    (D) T-words

12. What is the function of G32 code?
    (A) Rapid traverse
    (B) Liner interpolation
    (C) Thread cutting
    (D) Circulation interpolation

13. Which common word address used to miscellaneous function in CNC lathe?
    (A) N
    (B) G
    (C) S
    (D) M

14. Which G-code description maximum spindle speed setting?
    (A) G50
    (B) G71
    (C) G72
    (D) G42

15. How many times the cutting speed of ceramic tool is greater than H.S.S?
    (A) 20 times
    (B) 15 times
    (C) 4 times
    (D) 42 times

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