Drilling and Reaming Industrial Training Questions and Answers - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Drilling and Reaming Industrial Training Questions and Answers - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which one of the following reamers can adjust itself in case of slight misalignment when fitted on a tailstock?
    (A) Parallel reamer
    (B) Taper reamer
    (C) Adjustable reamer
    (D) Floating reamer

2. A reamed hole has patches of poor finish. Which one of the following is the cause for this defect?
    (A) The bored hole has insufficient reaming allowance
    (B) Excessive cutting speed
    (C) Wrong selection of the reamer for the job
    (D) Insufficient coolant supply

3. On drilling machine, which process is known as reaming?
    (A) Enlargement of existing hole
    (B) Hole made by removal of metal along the hole circumference
    (C) Smoothly finishing and accurately sizing a drilled hole
    (D) All of the above

4. A cutting tool used to finish and enlarge a hole is known as
    (A) Drill
    (B) Tap
    (C) Die
    (D) Reamer

5. The drill sleeves or sockets are available with Morse taper and their number range MT-1 to MT-6. Which one of the following drill sizes refers to MT-4?
    (A) Drills above 14 mm up to 23 mm
    (B) Drills above 23 mm up to 31.75 mm
    (C) Drills above 31.75 mm up to 50.50 mm
    (D) Drills above 50.50 mm up to 76 mm

6. The point angle of twist drill for general purpose is
    (A) 135°
    (B) 118°
    (C) 90°
    (D) 60°

7. The lip clearance angle of twist drill for general purpose should be
    (A) 3° to 5°
    (B) 4° to 8°
    (C) 8° to 12°
    (D) 9° to 15°

8. Which among the following is NOT the factor for selection of cutting speed and feed for reaming a hole with a machine reamer?
    (A) Material of the job
    (B) Material of the reamer
    (C) Diameter (size) of the reamer
    (D) Rigidity of the fixture

9. The taper shank of a drill of 20 mm diameter has
    (A) MT-1 taper
    (B) MT-2 taper
    (C) MT-3 taper
    (D) MT-4 taper

10. Which one of the following machine reamers is used to correct the misalignment between the reamer axis and the work axis?
    (A) Floating blade reamer
    (B) Shell reamer
    (C) Machine jig reamer
    (D) Chucking reamer

11. The grooves provided on the entire length of the body of a twist drill are called
    (A) Lips
    (B) Flutes
    (C) Margins
    (D) Webs

12. The process of beveling the end of existing hole is called
    (A) Spot-facing
    (B) Boring
    (C) Counter-boring
    (D) Counter-sinking

13. The distance a drill advances into the job in one complete revolution is known as
    (A) R.P.M
    (B) Cutting speed
    (C) Feed
    (D) Machine speed

14. Which of the following reamers is particularly suitable for reaming holes having keyway grooves?
    (A) Straight fluted reamer
    (B) Helical fluted reamer
    (C) Taper reamer
    (D) Pilot reamer

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