Grinding Industrial Training Questions and Answers - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Grinding Industrial Training Questions and Answers - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. For cylindrical grinding a small diameter work with fairly large wheel, which among the following grades of wheel should be used?
    (A) Soft
    (B) Medium
    (C) Hard
    (D) Very soft

2. What is the cause of a grinding wheel becoming glazed in a grinding machine?
    (A) Grinding wheel's grade is too soft
    (B) Grinding wheel's grade is too large
    (C) Feed and traverse are less
    (D) Grinding wheel's speed is too high and work speed is low

3. Which natural abrasive used to make grind stones?
    (A) Diamond
    (B) Sand stone
    (C) Corundum
    (D) Aluminium oxide

4. What ‘K’ denotes in grinding wheel marking system (A56K5V75)?
    (A) Abrasive
    (B) Grite
    (C) Grade
    (D) Bond

5. Snagging is a process used to remove the metal by
    (A) Filing
    (B) Hacksawing
    (C) Chipping
    (D) Grinding

6. It is required to finish grind a Dia 50 mm mild steel shaft on a cylindrical grinding machine. What will be the surface speed if r.p.m. of the wheel is 191?
    (A) 20 meters/min
    (B) 25 meters/min
    (C) 30 meters/min
    (D) 35 meters/min

7. What is the percentage of aluminum oxide contain in corundum?
    (A) 0.95
    (B) 0.9
    (C) 0.8
    (D) 0.7

8. What type of natural abrasives contains 95% of natural aluminium oxide and remaining impurities?
    (A) Emery
    (B) Diamond
    (C) Sand stone
    (D) Corundum

9. For grinding carbide materials
    (A) Aluminium oxide wheel is used
    (B) Silicon carbide wheel is used
    (C) Diamond wheel is used
    (D) Corundum wheel is used

10. Which part of the surface grinding machine reciprocates along the guideways to provide longitudinal feed to the work?
    (A) Base
    (B) Table
    (C) Saddle
    (D) Wheel head

11. Which grinding process specially shaped wheels are used to grind gear teeth, threads and splined shafts?
    (A) Form grinding
    (B) Surface grinding
    (C) Internal cylindrical grinding
    (D) External cylindrical grinding

12. Which abrasive wheel are used to grinding carbide tipped tool?
    (A) Aluminium carbide
    (B) White Aluminium carbide
    (C) Silicon carbide
    (D) Green Silicon carbide

13. The cause for glazing of a grinding wheel is
    (A) Grain size is too fine
    (B) Wheel is hard
    (C) Wheel speed is too fast
    (D) Grain size is too fine and Wheel is hard

14. The symbol conventionally used for resinoid bond is
    (A) V
    (B) R
    (C) B
    (D) E

15. What is the defect in surface of grinding wheel develops a smooth and shining appearance?
    (A) Glazing
    (B) Loading
    (C) Turning
    (D) Dressing

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