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Grinding ITI Machinist Multiple Choice Questions

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. What type of natural abrasive contains aluminium oxide and other impurities?
    (A) Emery
    (B) Diamond
    (C) Sand stone
    (D) Corundum

2. What type of surface is produced by external cylindrical grinding?
    (A) Flat
    (B) Holes
    (C) Round
    (D) Formed

3. As per Indian Standards the grain size '46' comes under the group
    (A) Coarse
    (B) Medium
    (C) Fine
    (D) Very Fine

4. What denotes by 8 in the (A46H5V8) mentioned marking system of a grinding wheel?
    (A) Grade
    (B) Grain size
    (C) Type of bond
    (D) Manufacturer's code

5. Which terms decides the size of abrasive partials?
    (A) Grade
    (B) Grite
    (C) Bond
    (D) Abrasive

6. Which part of the surface grinding machine mounted on the column and it can be moved vertically up and down?
    (A) Base
    (B) Table
    (C) Saddle
    (D) Wheel head

7. Which natural abrasive is used to make lapping compound?
    (A) Emery
    (B) Diamond
    (C) Corundum
    (D) Sand stone

8. Which one of the following features, refers to vitrified bond wheel?
    (A) Used for longer period due to dense structure
    (B) Used for longer period due to an elastic structure
    (C) Not sensitive to shocks and pressure
    (D) Suitable for wet and dry grinding

9. The depth of infeed per pass in dressing a grinding wheel should be not more than
    (A) 0.25 mm
    (B) 0.025 mm
    (C) 0.0025 mm
    (D) 0.00025 mm

10. As per Indian Standards the 'M' grade of grinding wheel comes under the group
    (A) Soft
    (B) Medium
    (C) Hard
    (D) Very Hard

11.  Which one of the following cutting fluids is used during grinding mild steel?
    (A) Mineral oil
    (B) Non-synthetic cutting oil
    (C) Soluble oil
    (D) Paraffin

12. Which part of surface grinding machine carriers the table in its crosswise movement?
    (A) Base
    (B) Table
    (C) Saddle
    (D) Wheel head

13. What type of abrasives is used for grinding of tough materials?
    (A) Brown aluminium oxide
    (B) Green silicon oxide
    (C) Aluminium oxide
    (D) Silicon carbide

14. Calculate the spindle speed (RPM) if the diameter of the wheel is 300 mm (d) and the surface speed is 25 m / sec [V]?
    (A) 1259
    (B) 1459
    (C) 1529
    (D) 1592

15. A grinding wheel is marked: 51 A 46 L 5 V -23. Here what do 5 denote?
    (A) Kind of bond
    (B) Structure
    (C) Kind of abrasive
    (D) Grain size

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