Industrial Jigs and Fixtures Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Industrial Jigs and Fixtures Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which property of the metal is useful in making wires from metals?
    (A) Hardness
    (B) Elasticity
    (C) Ductility
    (D) Malleability

2. Which type of jig is used drilling on many directions?
    (A) Plate jig
    (B) Post jig
    (C) Table jig
    (D) Box jig

3. Which among the following locators is best suitable for location of a round shaped job?
    (A) Pin type locator
    (B) Wedge type locator
    (C) Vee locator
    (D) Adjustable stop locator

4. Slip renewable bushings are used when
    (A) Many holes of various sizes are to be drilled on a jig in different settings
    (B) More than one operation has to be performed through the same location on the jig
    (C) One operation is to be performed but several bushings must be used during the life of the jig
    (D) No bushing change is required

5. Which gear in universal indexing head decides the direction of rotation of index plate in differential indexing?
    (A) Idler gear
    (B) Driver gear
    (C) Driven gear
    (D) Worm gear

6. Fixture is a production device which
    (A) Holds the workpiece
    (B) Locates the workpiece
    (C) Holds and locates the workpiece
    (D) Neither holds nor locates the workpiece

7. Which one of the following is a physical property of metal?
    (A) Weight
    (B) Ductility
    (C) Malleability
    (D) Elasticity

8. Jigs and fixtures are the production devices used to manufacture duplicate parts accurately. Which one of the following statements is NOT correct with respect to jig?
    (A) It holds the tool
    (B) It locates the tool and the workpiece
    (C) It holds the workpiece
    (D) It guides the tool

9. What property enables the metals to with stand tensile forces without rupture?
    (A) Tenacity
    (B) Ductility
    (C) Elasticity
    (D) Toughness

10. Which one of the following device is used for the convenience of fabrication of a job by welding which is set in this device so that it can be swiveled around 360 Degree as per requirement?
    (A) Gauge
    (B) Template
    (C) Jig
    (D) Fixture

11. Which type of jig is used to hold thin and soft parts?
    (A) Plat jig
    (B) Channel jig
    (C) Sandwich jig
    (D) Trunnion jig

12. Plain drill jig bushings are generally secured in the body of jig so that the bushings should not
    (A) Vibrate, rotate and be withdrawn while in operation
    (B) Rotate when the tool is rotating
    (C) Vibrate while in operation
    (D) Get withdrawn with the tool

13. What is the reason for selecting wrought iron for manufacturing crane hooks?
    (A) It is tough
    (B) It has tenacity
    (C) It is hard
    (D) It has machinability

14. Drill jigs are used for
    (A) Drilling, reaming, taping and other allied operations
    (B) Drilling operations only
    (C) Clamping the job when drilling
    (D) Guiding the tool only

15. Which one of the following is used to guide the tool and hold the job in mass production?
    (A) Gauge
    (B) Housing
    (C) Jig
    (D) Fixture

16. Drill jig bushings are normally hardened to
    (A) Protect the jig from damage
    (B) Ensure prolonged life without wear and tear so as to guide the tool accurately
    (C) Guide the tool so that it does not go inclined
    (D) Allow the chips to come out easily

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