ITI MCQ on Documentations Maintenance and Repair - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

ITI MCQ on Documentations Maintenance and Repair - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is the remedy to reduce excessive wear on toothed wheel?
    (A) Use of no filter
    (B) Sufficient oil supply
    (C) Reduce lubricating film thickness
    (D) Increase lubricating film thickness

2. What is the property of lubricant to withstand pressure and remain on bearing surface?
    (A) Flash point
    (B) Fire point
    (C) Viscosity
    (D) Oiliness

3. What is the system of finding the faults in any machine and also removal of faults?
    (A) Inspection
    (B) Production
    (C) Maintenance
    (D) Marketing

4. What is used to level the machine tools accurately?
    (A) Straight edge
    (B) Plumb bob
    (C) Test mandrel
    (D) Sprit level

5. Why failure occurs in bearing?
    (A) Proper bearing selection
    (B) Improper lubrication
    (C) Proper mounting
    (D) Sufficient lubricant quantity

6. Which substance is having oily property available in the form of fluid, semi fluid or solid?
    (A) Coolant
    (B) Cutting oil
    (C) Lubricant
    (D) Water

7. Which department keeps the machines and equipments in good operating condition?
    (A) Production
    (B) Quality
    (C) Maintenance
    (D) Tool room

8. What is used for testing straightness of bed in machine tool?
    (A) Mandrel
    (B) Feeler gauge
    (C) Straight edge
    (D) Plumb bob

9. What is graphical representation of activities from raw material to the finished product?
    (A) Productivity report
    (B) Bill of material
    (C) Production cycle time
    (D) Process chart

10. What is the symbol ‘O’ in process chart documentation?
    (A) Transport
    (B) Inspection
    (C) Operation
    (D) Delay

11. What is OEE in maintenance?
    (A) Availability × Profit × Quality
    (B) Availability × Planning × Quality
    (C) Availability × Process × Quality
    (D) Availability × Productivity × Quality

12. What is the substance having an oily property?
    (A) Lubricant
    (B) Coolant
    (C) Water
    (D) Air

13. Which type of maintenance having advantage of reduced equipment failure?
    (A) Breakdown maintenance
    (B) Predictive maintenance
    (C) Preventive maintenance
    (D) Corrective maintenance

14. Which type of maintenance should not interface with production schedules?
    (A) Breakdown maintenance
    (B) Routine
    (C) Preventive
    (D) Predictive

15. What is the program of TPM?
    (A) Quality program
    (B) Maintenance program
    (C) Production program
    (D) Marketing program

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