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Jigs and Fixtures ITI Exam Questions with Answers

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. What property of the metals imparts ability to with stand shock loads?
    (A) Brittleness
    (B) Tenacity
    (C) Elasticity
    (D) Toughness

2. Lathe mandrels can be termed as a
    (A) Jig
    (B) Fixture
    (C) Gauge
    (D) Template

3. Fixed renewable bushings are used when
    (A) Many holes of various sizes are to be drilled on a jig in different settings
    (B) More than one operation has to be performed through the same location of the jig
    (C) One operation is to be performed in each hole but several bushings must be used during the life of the jig
    (D) No bushing change is required

4. Which indexing method the extended spindle is fitted to the rear of indexing head spindle?
    (A) Direct indexing
    (B) Angular indexing
    (C) Differential indexing
    (D) Simple indexing

5. Calculate the index crank movement required to index 8 divisions in simple indexing?
    (A) 3 turns
    (B) 4 turns
    (C) 5 turns
    (D) 6 turns

6. Which of the following material is more suitable to make crane hooks?
    (A) Tungsten
    (B) Cast iron
    (C) Steel
    (D) Wrought iron

7. Which mechanical property of metals are advantages in the production of thin sheets?
    (A) Ductility
    (B) Malleability
    (C) Tenacity
    (D) Machinability

8. What property of the metal, which permits no permanent distortion before breaking?
    (A) Machinability
    (B) Ductility
    (C) Brittleness
    (D) Tenacity

9. Which indexing method the movement of the plate for a turn of crank is controlled by change gear arrangement?
    (A) Direct indexing
    (B) Differential indexing
    (C) Simple indexing
    (D) Angular indexing

10. What is the formula for index crank movement for simple indexing?
    (A) D/9
    (B) 9/D
    (C) 40/N
    (D) N/40

11. Which machines jigs are used?
    (A) Lathe
    (B) Milling machine
    (C) Drilling machine
    (D) Grinding machine

12. Which is the device used for hold, locate and guide the tool?
    (A) Jig
    (B) Fixture
    (C) Chuck
    (D) Collet chuck

13. Find the index crank movement for the crank required to index 16 divisions?
    (A) 2.5 turns
    (B) 3.75 turns
    (C) 4.25 turns
    (D) 4.6 turns

14. What is the reason a material is return to its original shape after the withdrawal of applied force?
    (A) The material is plastic
    (B) The material is elastic
    (C) The material is tough
    (D) The material is hard

15. Tolerance on jig should be
    (A) 5% of the tolerance on the job
    (B) 10% of the tolerance on the job
    (C) 20% of the tolerance on the job
    (D) 100% of the tolerance on the job

16. Which one of the following jigs consists of drill plate, which rests on the component to be drilled?
    (A) Solid jig
    (B) Plate jig
    (C) Box jig
    (D) Trunnion jig

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