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MCQ on Helical gear, Flutes milling, Reamers and Twist drills

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which type of gear is used for high speed running and heavy duty gear drives?
    (A) Spur gear
    (B) Helical gear
    (C) Angular gear
    (D) Worm and Worm gear

2. Which type of indexing is used to cut the helical gear?
    (A) Direct indexing
    (B) Differential indexing
    (C) Angular indexing
    (D) Simple indexing

3. Calculate the real module in helical gear the pitch diameter (PD) is 100 mm and number of teeth 19.
    (A) 5.00 mm
    (B) 0.19 mm
    (C) 5.26 mm
    (D) 20 mm

4. What is the line generated by the progress and rotation of a point around a cylinder?
    (A) Spiral
    (B) Helix
    (C) Bevel
    (D) Taper

5. Which type of reamer used to finish the holes for fitting taper pins on taper holes?
    (A) Taper reamer
    (B) Rose reamer
    (C) Machine jig reamer
    (D) Taper pin machine reamer

6. How many elements must be known in cut a helix or a spiral?
    (A) 2
    (B) 1
    (C) 5
    (D) 6

7. What is the maximum helix angle determined in helical gear?
    (A) Obtuse angle
    (B) Acute angle
    (C) Right angle
    (D) Reflex angle

8. Which part is held and driven the drill?
    (A) Neck
    (B) Tang
    (C) Heel
    (D) Shank

9. Which part ensures positive drive of the drill from the drill spindle?
    (A) Shank
    (B) Tang
    (C) Neck
    (D) Point angle

10. What is the name of the reamer used with several sizes of reamers in with one shank?
    (A) Adjustable machine reamer
    (B) Reamers with floating holders
    (C) Shell reamer
    (D) Chucking reamer

11. What is ratio of taper pin hand reamer?
    (A) 1:50
    (B) 1:40
    (C) 1:30
    (D) 1:20

12. Which milling machine is suitable for helical milling?
    (A) Horizontal milling machine
    (B) Universal milling machine
    (C) Pantograph milling machine
    (D) Vertical milling machine

13. Where are the engraved diameter and other particular of the drill?
    (A) Shank
    (B) Tang
    (C) Neck
    (D) Face

14. When you cut left hand helix which direction must be swiveled the table in the milling machine?
    (A) Counter clock wise direction
    (B) Clock wise direction
    (C) Table felting downward position
    (D) Table at stable condition

15. What is the lip clearance angle in drill?
    (A) 15°
    (B) 12°
    (C) 18°
    (D) 118°

16. Why reamers have uneven spacing of teeth?
    (A) To be maintain the hole diameter
    (B) To be cut excessive material
    (C) To be cut less material
    (D) To reduce chattering

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