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Assembled Drawing Details of Hydraulic Jack and Actuator MCQs

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which one is pneumatic system?
    (A) Bicycle break
    (B) Air brakes on a truck
    (C) Fuel pump of car
    (D) Head lights of an automotive

2. Which is the most frequently used accumulator type?
    (A) Compressed gas accumulator
    (B) Liquid accumulator
    (C) Plazma accumulator
    (D) Solid accumulator

3. How many ports & positions in a 3/2 direction control valve?
    (A) 3 ports & 2 positions
    (B) 2 ports & 3 positions
    (C) 5 ports & 2 positions
    (D) 1/2 ports & 3 positions

4. Which part is used as a lifting device to lift heavy load?
    (A) Jack
    (B) Ram
    (C) Accumulator
    (D) Safety valve

5. What is the medium used in pneumatic system?
    (A) Liquid
    (B) Hydrogen
    (C) Air
    (D) Oil

6. On which principal spring type accumulator works?
    (A) Hooke's law
    (B) Charles's law
    (C) Pascal's law
    (D) Bernoulli's law

7. Which type of device is Hydraulic jack?
    (A) Electrical device
    (B) Electronic device
    (C) Mechanical device
    (D) Mechatronics device

8. Which of the following has storage reservoir where liquid is stored under pressure?
    (A) Hydraulic crane
    (B) Hydraulic Accumulator
    (C) Hydraulic pump
    (D) Hydraulic gear

9. Which of the following factors generate force and on which hydraulic jack depend?
    (A) Weight
    (B) Pressure
    (C) Temperature
    (D) Heat

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